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Virtuos Milestones


"Virtuos [vur-choo-oh s] means Elite Experts"

We were inspired by the power of Cloud and what it could offer to business applications — especially CRM and Customer Experience. Finally, a different kind of company with a different culture was born. An inspired reading of HBR article prompted us to read a book: Virtuoso Teams that changed our life, helped us build successful teams and succeed in business.

The birth of an idea that stretches the Virtuosos and the customer.

2008 — A New Company Born.

In 2008, A multi-billion dollar financial services firm we looked at working on a mass level project — a total revamp to personalize email response management System. A leading Fortune 100 Healthcare Company integrated sales, service functions using offline and online CRM System. It's about a breakthrough. And [the team is] composed of the very best talent obtainable, role by role: a team of superstars.

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Virtuos Enters CXiest Space

Virtuos Enters CXiest Space

In 2009, A leading online travel company with 2 million customers wanted to offer cross channel customer experience (CX) to its customers. In 2010, India’s largest ecommerce company with 5 million users wished to replace its existing CRM with Customer Experience Platform. It’s about transformation. Virtuos teams delivered Cloud Experience Architecture to strengthen growth. Today both of them are leaders in their space.

History and Background

A top-notch team with nearly 15 years of leadership in the IT space, and background of heading a company that has 100+ working years of consultancy practice formally assembled in 2008 to form Virtuos. Armed with deep domain expertise these innovators passionately built Virtuos around the new rules of the game — uncompromising, supremely self-confident, and great attitude. Talent, energy, ambition, intensity, ego, risk — these teams have it all in spades. And they play by a different set of rules. Thanks to the mantra given by Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer in building our teams indeed as Virtuoso Teams.

History and Background

What We Do

We stretch the customer and pull ourselves. We generate conduit of ideas actively seeking experiences to enrich the product or service for our customers. Virtuos has two distinct business groups — Consultare and Exonomy.

Virtuos Consultare

Virtuos Consultare delivers industry-specific counsel and the integrated, end-to-end solutions that support its customers' strategic, operational, and financial goals. Virtuos is an Experience consultancy that provides superior customer moments and implements leading CRM and Customer Experience software of our Alliance Partners. Other services include: Our Business 4.0 ready Salesforce Practice by Rigour; CRM/Customer Experience Consulting; Digital Transformation Program — CXNow (CX Audit; Customer Journey; Customer Voice) and Digital Operations — CXDesk; Vlocis DPA; and W.Digital Operations like Talentare; Zidd E-learning, etc.

Virtuos Exonomy

On our X Anniversary, we formed Virtuos Exonomy. Virtuos Exonomy ideates and incubates next generation businesses harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, ECommerce and Digital technologies. At Virtuos Exonomy, we have Innovation Open lab to breed and bootstrap Experience Cloud and Experience Crowd applications.

Virtuos Exonomy has grandeur plans to incubate and launch digital century businesses. Most successful launch so far has been, and Virtuos has also invested in Indic. By Jan 2020, we have our four new businesses taking the mainstream of our operations: Budh; Cloudle; Definite; and Enforce.


Virtuoso Teams Book
Game changers


Stretch the customer’s experience by delivering unanticipated and higher levels of fulfillment.

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Ideavert - Idea hunters
Idea hunters


Virtuos team leaders span boundaries becoming conduits for great ideas to transform the world.

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Digital Centurion
21st Century Corp

Digital Centurion

Creating new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds beyond imagination.

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Meet our Team

Virtuos success is the collective contribution of every star member at the company. We wouldn't be nearly as fastest growing and successful without the leadership, guidance, and innovation from our executive team. Join us at Consultare to participate in the CX revolution, or at Exonomy to incubate new ventures.
Venky Vijay - CEO Venky Vijay - CEO
Venky VijayCEO
Shaloo Reddi - VP Shaloo Reddi - VP
Shaloo ReddiVP
Kristina Hermanns - Director Solution Consulting Kristina Hermanns - Director Solution Consulting
Kristina HermannsDirector Solution
Consulting (Honorary)
Amarinder Singh - Director CRM Technology Services Amarinder Singh - Director CRM Technology Services
Amarinder SinghDirector CRM Technology Services
Manish KumarAssociate Director - Experience Commerce
Manish Kumar - Associate Director - Experience Commerce Associate Director - Experience Commerce
Anugrah SinghAssociate Director - Growth
Anugrah Singh - Associate Director - Growth Anugrah Singh - Associate Director - Growth
Rachit MathurPre-sales Solution Consultant
Rachit - Pre-sales Solution Consultant Rachit - Pre-sales Solution Consultant
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos
Culture at Virtuos

Happiests Logo Culture

Working with Virtuos is not just a job. Its an experience to cherish for a lifetime. We create happy moments by providing inspiration, continuous innovation, fair play and a great work culture.

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