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Talentare Business Services

Business Services

What is Talentare?

The pace of innovation in technologies leading to an increase in the gap between the demand and supply of the skill-set required by the organizations. The rapid pace of innovation created a demand for a whole new set of skills that didn’t exist a few years ago. In such a convoluted scenario, hiring skilled, and expert individuals is a challenge for Experience Businesses. The existing hiring methods may not work in such situations. At Virtuos, we believe in an outside-in approach to find a solution of reducing a gap between demand and supply for niche talent.
What is for the resources?

What is for the resources?

  • Platform for the skilled resources to find a job
  • Platform for skilled resources to work on specific projects
  • Platform for resources who want to upskill themselves
What is for the organizations?

What is for the organizations?

  • On-demand supply for highly skilled resources
  • Partnership - Along with the resources, Virtuos will help in process and technology services
  • Save cost of hiring and training
  • Capability to upscale for on-time delivery of projects
Talent Acquisition
Talentare+Agnitor= Virtuos Heart

Talentare now has an “Agnitor” Network to offer more outsourced talent services.

Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing

In general, all the job portals focus on the active profiles of job seekers. Our talent pool will apply newly developed AI tools to recognize the latent needs of potential candidates who usually don’t publish their resumes on portals. We focus on the quality over quantity of the resources creating ExperienceJobs for our customers.

Talent Quality Process

Talent Quality Process

We have created the talent pool through a well crafted multi-layered filter process. Based on a Test, Evaluate, Source (TES)* framework, the process can aid organizations to filter the resources by a percentage combination of education, experience, and expertise. This helps the organizations to hire the best resources which are perfectly fit as per the requirements.

Training & Development

Training & Development

Niche skill set is scarce, further to add the vow. To bridge the gap, Virtuos Talentare platform provides an industry/technology/project specific training to help both the resources as well as the organizations to succeed. Our Experiential Learning (XEACH) along with Teaching pedagogy accelerates the speed to market.

*TES framework: After receiving the CVs, we analyze them based on experience, expertise, and educational qualifications besides other parameters. The applicants need to appear for computer based skill test once they receive a notification. After completing all the prerequisites, our system screens for the candidates who will be right-fit for potential recruiters for further process.

.Net Web Developer - 3-5 Years

We are looking for an experienced developer to develop and maintain high-quality software products and expand the team while supporting the strategic vision of the corporation. The main tools used by the incumbent will consist of Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL, and integrated system components.

Location: Gurgaon, IN
Date Posted: Today

Drupal Developer - 3-5 Years

We are looking for a Drupal Developer responsible for front-end development and theming. This position requires a combination of programming skills (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) and aesthetics (understanding element arrangements on the screen, the color and font choices, and so on). The best candidates have a strong understanding of industry trends and content management systems. Experience with responsive and adaptive design is strongly preferred. In addition, an understanding of the entire web development process, including design, development and deployment, with some back-end knowledge, is preferred.

Location: Gurgaon, IN
Date Posted: Today

Magento Developer - 3-5 Years

We are looking for an experienced full stack Magento Developer with strong front-end experience to lead and/or assist in the architecture, design, implementation, and maintenance of Magento eCommerce sites. The requirements include 3+ years of experience developing Magento eCommerce sites and custom Magento extensions and themes. Candidate must be able to work in a team setting as well as an individual setting with strong client-facing communication skills and Magento architecture skills.

Location: Gurgaon, IN
Date Posted: Today

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Finding skilled talent is not getting difficult but also impacting the business because of unavailability when required. Open talent network is one of the solutions to this problem.

Virtuos Talentare is helping clients to bridge the gap. We source the best talent whether active or passive but the people with right skill set and competencies. We enable our clients to deliver their projects successfully.

You can reach out to us for your talent requirement. We assure you in finding the right people, at right time wherever you want.

Please fill the form and share your requirements, we will get in touch with you with the solution.

Our Skill Network

  • Oracle service cloud
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Verint and KANA
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Clicksoftware
  • PegaSystems
  • Functional consultant
  • Solution consultant
  • Technology consultant
  • CX/Digital consultant
  • Strategy consultant
Application Dev.
  • Magento
  • Java Programming
  • .Net Programming
  • MEAN Stack
  • Android App Dev.
  • iOS App Dev.
  • Application support
  • CRM support
  • Backend support
  • Customer support
  • Help desk Support

How it works?

Hiring full time resources for ad-hoc projects have lot of challenges. Equally challenging for hiring the experts with niche skills for ad-hoc projects. Virtuos’ Talentare help you to find the experts for your ad-hoc projects.

About project: Submit details of your projects along with the skill set required. Skill matching: Virtuos’ Talentare will understand your requirement and will come up with the best matching profiles.

Can Virtuos help you in your projects? Yes, If required, Virtuos may be a partner if the project requires industry experts along with processes and technology.

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Talent Acquisition
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