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Customer Experience (CX) Primer is part of the 7C framework at CXNow — the Customer Experience Transformation Program at Virtuos, offering modern CX best practices, business and technology insights, research and advisory services on a continuous basis. CX Primer kickstarts discussions with C-Level Executives across various departments on CX Program with multiple workshops, and methodologies.

CX Primer — A first step to CX transformation

CX leaders need a well-understood mandate to measure, manage and influence the customer experience delivered across the organization. At Virtuos we will use the following steps to build and lead a cross-functional CX team that drives change, alignment and improvement to customer and business outcomes.
Vision Connect

Vision connect

Set operational objectives, establish a connect with the cross-functional team, and understand CX initiatives to manage current state (CXOpia).

CX Metrics

CX Metrics

Identifying common metrics and using those metrics to track, measure, manage and communicate CX impact on business goals.

CX Performance and ROI

CX Performance and ROI

Provides practical advice on justifying CX investments; offers tools to design CX metrics dashboards; illustrates examples from industry

Tech Insights

Tech Insights

Insight into the technologies that help customers to evaluate, measure and act on customer perception, sentiment, and experiences.



Assist CX leaders to define the CX functional strategy and mandate, establish governance model and build capabilities to ensure a commitment to CX.

CX Readiness

CX Readiness

Work with CX leaders on CX budgeting, organizational CX readiness, and ways to advance CX maturity across departments and channels.

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Virtuos garners insights on CX and Digital Transformation from the industry, leading research organizations and Innovation On where our customers pool their ideas, best practices, and CX Strategies. During uncertain times, you can also find quick insights from CX Primer.
  • CRM Strategy and Customer Experience

    Gartner reveals 75% of organizations surveyed increased Customer Experience technology investments in 2018 . According to the survey, the top five CX project priorities in 2019 are metrics (64%); VoC (50%); increasing speed of product and service launches (45%); product proliferation and personalization (45%); prioritization of CX investments (44%); and customer journey automation (44%).

CRM Strategy and Customer Experience
Leading and Managing CX
  • Leading and Managing CX

    Gartner's latest Customer Experience in Marketing Survey indicates that 63% of organizations have a chief customer officer (CCO) or equivalent and 61% have a chief experience officer (CxO) or equivalent. Besides, almost half of CX leaders in marketing expect to see a budget increase. This demonstrates that many organizations have come to recognize the importance of CX.

  • Integrating CRM, CX and Marketing

    Customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience (CX) management are interconnected business strategies that often require the use of technologies to support the execution of the plan. Besides, CRM and CX no longer sufficient to perform in tandem without the use of advanced marketing (see our M3 Model) and digital transformation strategies. In fact, CRM and CX technologies (with integrated Modern Marketing Model — M3) happen to contribute to significant digital transformation leading the application market worldwide.

Integrating CRM, CX and Marketing