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Mobile Applications and Development

A new digital society is here where we will change forever with micro iterations and technological corrections leading to the evolution of Digital Century Business — The Business 4.0. One such iteration is "post-app era," where we don’t see “apps” going out of business. Welcome to the future where gen-next mobile apps (aka RightApps) will be useful and relevant for the foreseeable period.

Collaborative MADP

Mobile Application development is increasingly moving to a cloud environment, allowing collaborative culture to ideate and incubate new Apps. We at Virtuos are witnessing the rapid evolution of Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) as highly scalable with conversational rich UI embracing Artificial Intelligence and variety of bots.

Customer Relationship Management
Digital Transformation Consulting

Culture of Innovation and "Intrapreneurship"

We work with both team managers and HR leaders to explore and identify entrepreneurially minded developers to encourage cross-pollination of ideas. Hackathon X workshops and eLearning programs facilitate Virtuoso team leaders to identify high potential developers and motivate them to work on specialized apps for verticals.

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Consumer app fatigue is growing

Companies like Myntra had to restore their web presence after seeing consumer fatigue. At Virtuos, we help you re-evaluate your approach to Progressive Web Apps over mobile apps without disruption to business continuity.
Progressive Web Apps Developement

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Increased internet speeds, and app fatigue forcing consumers to shift away from mobile apps to progressive web applications. Progressive web apps are here to disrupt the traditional mobile app ecosystem with intuitive, hyper-responsive, lightweight UX designs. We will help in your overall mobile development strategy by re-evaluating the costs of maintaining legacy mobile apps versus incremental costs in transitioning to PWA.

See our latest PWA using Magento:

Progressive Web Apps Developement

Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD)

One of the most likely reasons for app fatigue is lack of innovation and speed shown by brands in-app update cycles. Brands failed to update apps frequently due to strenuous and persistently long timelines taken by developers. Now there’s a demand for no-code/low-code tools provided by Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) using microservices architecture. Some of the following RMAD apps aim to accelerate the pace of post-app era while transforming digital core processes.

Rapid Mobile App Development
Build Right Apps to Extend CRM Functionalities

Build Right Apps to extend CRM Functionalities to departments

Right Apps Logo + Salesforce - Cloud Computing Company = Customer at Heart - Virtuos

Create wow experience to your customers with Right Apps built on Salesforce Platform and engage with them to deliver a superior experience with embedded Einstein Intelligence.


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Virtuos can help you with App Development, be it Android or IOS. We also have expertise in Salesforce App development, and Other Rapid Web Apps using REACT. Let’s know how we can help you.

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Mobile App Development

Right Apps works with Technologies that are pivotal to the success of building mobile app development capabilities and teams.


Development with Right Apps

Right Apps works with Technologies that enable organizations to expand their development capabilities to multiple development personas.


Change Business Models and Processes

RightApps works with technologies that have the potential to change business models and processes in your organization profoundly.

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Chatbots are the face of artificial intelligence and will impact all areas. Let’s create Experience Revolution with AURY Chatbot. Enquire Now

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