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All jobs are not created equal.
Some are designed as "Experience Jobs".

Creating ExperienceJob

We applied design thinking and came up with an idea "ExperienceJob" — something along the lines of "Customer Experience." We did that in the summer of 2017 through participation from employees, customers, academy connect (from Harvard, MIT) Gartner research and industry veterans in HR.

Great Work
Great Work
Experience Job
Experience Job
Happiests Culture
Happiests Culture

Experience is

An event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone; The process or fact of personally observing.

Job is

A paid position of regular employment; Anything a person is expected or obliged to do; duty; responsibilities.

Why ExperienceJob?

  • Reimagine workplace technologies for greater alignment
  • Democratization of work with digital dexterity
  • Deliver superior customer experience with symphony of mens, manus et cor
  • Create own building blocks; maturity levels and activities
Digital Workplace

What's your Workplace Thinking

Creating boundaryless digital workplace strategy with a right set of tools & policies. Virtuoso leaders can practice and assess organization's digital dexterity and implement ExperienceJob architecture for better productivity.

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Experience Quotient

IQ + EQ = XQ

Where IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient and EQ is for Emotional Quotient creating Experience Quotient (XQ) to deliver superior customer experience, and comply with our Digital Workplace, and digital dexterity standards.

Jobs aren't just tasks — They involve experiences.
Circumstances are more important than customer characteristics.
Good innovations solve problems that had poor solutions - or none at all.
Jobs have powerful social and emotional dimensions.
Jobs to be innovative; collaborative; growth centric and must exceed targets.