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Introducing Dynamic Real-time Performance Reviews

In a 2017 Deloitte survey with global executives, 79% rated agile performance management as a high organizational priority. It’s high time organizations realize transformative approach to hiring, developing and managing employees. Every employee wants to know, what’s expected of her and how well she can meet organization’s expectations. At Virtuos, we simplified the process by focussing on two aspects of performance: results and behaviors—the what and the how of an individual’s achievements.

You benchmark your performance on an everyday basis
InTune & InTouch

InTune & InTouch

Weekly InTune managed by you through various systems ensures that you are on track with your work, and progressing as per your weekly calendar. With Monthly InTouch, we seek to know memorable moments you created for our customers, your progress on OKBO and engagement levels.

Quarterly Connect Program


A Quarterly Connect Program — assembly of three "InTouch" meetings you have with your Manager/Supervisor. "Connect" seeks to gauge your alignment with four quadrants of Balanced Scorecard and progress you made with OKBO. We want to see the +impact you created for customers and organization.

Creating ExperienceJob with 360

360o Outlook

Annual summary of your four Connects adjudging your Outlook for the future and maturity in creating ExperienceJob for customers and organization. We take ABCDE framework as the foundational guidance and see the +impact you made on Balanced Scorecard, and the potential you hold.

Our ABCDE Factors

Our unique ABCDE framework boosts business performance by exploiting the growing digital dexterity of employees.


Your response to stimuli. Feelings and Emotions. Passion and belief in the company also signify attitude.


Your Social Skills, Digital Etiquette, Teamwork, Integrity and variety of other factors form your behaviour.



Your ability to perform and achieve. Your skills, experience needed to perform experiencejob. Your skills are benchmarked.


Quantum of Change you bring in through your efforts. It’s Quantitative impact on Revenue and Profitability.

Experiential Outcomes

Experiential Outcomes

Differentiation, Innovation and Positive Impact on Company’s Performance and Customer Experience.

Rewards Performance

Tie it to pay

See Performance

The best judge is the team leader

Fuel Performance

What do great team leaders do?


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