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Virtuos for Society

Creating Shared Value. Building Society 5.0

Let’s go back to our roots and help our Govt. Public Schools shine.

At we’ve launched School Adoption Program (VSAP) with the unique philanthropic contribution of 1-2-3 Edge model. Our Employee volunteers and we are immersing ourselves in the communities we live and work in to create change in the Govt. Public education system by providing access to books, computers, courses, software, technologies and financial assistance.
Govt. Public Schools
Education for rural children is a good market opportunity. You can volunteer with to make a difference.

1% Profits

1% of Profits (Profit Before Taxes) earned from the company every year is contributed to 1-2-3 Edge Fund.

2% Equity

2% of Equity in Virtuos is earmarked as Virtuism 1-2-3 Edge Fund, and the cause will be supported by drawing yearly dividends.

3% Time

3% of Employee-Employer Time (Every year on 50%:50% sharing basis) in training, development, and raising capital at

Our Mission

Establish meaningful lives for the underprivileged society by working with communities creating shared value and by helping through the aid of Philanthropic 1-2-3 Edge model. School Adoption Program (VSAP)

Partner with Govt Public Schools to improve learning opportunities for students by investing in their future and paving the way for generations to come.

Rural India Skill Hub for Talent Acquisition (RISHTA)

Offer job oriented vocational courses for the youth residing in villages and create skill hub with job opportunities through a network of virtual offices. Computer Access Program (VCAS)

Donate Notebook Computers with essential software to High School students schooling with Govt. Public Schools in villages by sourcing from a network of suppliers. Health Checkup Program (VHCP)

Conduct free Annual camps for conducting preventive health checkup benefiting the needy to receive timely treatment through the network of associates. Skill Development Program Skill Development Program

  • Location:   Select Telangana State Village(s) - India
  • Organization: in association with VVO.Org
  • Program Name:   Rural India Skill Hub for Talent Acquisition (RISHTA)
  • More Information: launches Rural India Skill Hub for Talent Acquisition (RISHTA) benefiting the community in five ways:

a) Skill development for deprived and jobless youth b) Establishing Skill hub to attract employers c) Talent Acquisition strategy for providing employment d) Decongestion of cities by creating a Virtual Work environment in the villages and e) Motivating youth to commit to the finest art of living away from alcohol abuse.

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Get the latest updates on our initiative for skilling our youth with RISHTA. Share your details and become a part of a nation building exercise!

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First Rural Virtuos Virtual Office
Upcoming Event


  • June 15, 2021
  • Village in Telangana State

A state of the art model for launching Rural Virtuos Virtual Office (VVO.Org) is being initiated for accommodating 10-15 employees with audio-visual conferencing facilities and connectivity with Hyderabad office.


Latest Events

Virtuos CSV 2019

28 April 2019 Virtuos CSV 2019

Our CSV Activity calendar starts with the first trip planned to visit two Schools in Haryana (India) for computer education during FY19. We will be giving away some of our computer and other IT products to Schools along 50 person-days of training.

Stay tuned to know more about our initiatives at

Virtuos Aastha

21 April 2019 Virtuos Aastha

Religions are beliefs, and all religions preach the very same thing — human kindness, tolerance and doing good to others. will be holding Virtuos "Aastha" seeking participation from both religious leaders and government.

Village ReSkilling

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."

If you can't make it good, at least make it look good.

Bill Gates Quote Outlook


Here are the goals at during 2020-21 for our unique philanthropic 1-2-3 Edge Model.
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Man Days
1-2-3 Fund
Rural Employees
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Free Textbooks

Help the Needy

Seeking volunteers to help the needy with free books, used laptops and medicines. Join us in this endeavor by offering your free time for teaching skills to students from rural India.
Free Books for Children

Free books for children collects School textbooks and other books from a variety of sources to offer to students who cannot afford to buy these books.

Used Laptops as Grant

Used Laptops as Grant purchases used laptops from Corporates and refurbish them with the help of hardware & software partners to offer to Govt. Schools.

Rural Health Check-up

Rural Health Check-up has formed partnerships with like-minded groups that offer health check-up camps at minimal costs. These costs will be met through 1-2-3 Edge fund.

Latest from 1-2-3 Edge Model

News and events that are part of 1-2-3 Edge Model contributing to the society through cash, kind, and garnered support from Employee Volunteers.

Web/Graphic Designers is recruiting its first batch of 10-15 potential candidates from villages by creating a small Virtuos Virtual Office (VVO.Org) with one dedicated Teacher/Manager to offer training on web design and graphics courses. Rural VVO.Org will have necessary office infrastructure to support an initiative.

Help to Arya Samaj Mandir

Virtuos made small contribution to Arya Samaj Kailash, Greater Kailash-1 New Delhi (India), which is one of the 300 centers under Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Hanuman Road, New Delhi. The worldwide organization of Arya Samaj has more than 8000 branches all over the world. Arya Samaj is raising funds to construct a new building that could potentially offer health and medical benefits to thousands of poor and underprivileged.

Help to Foundations

Virtuos has made a small difference by contributing to Foundations such as Reddi Foundation which helps needy with food, shelter, and drinking water in the rural villages. Another small help to Ashima Foundation - a registered non-profit organization providing vocational learning experiences to underprivileged.

First School for Adoption in 2018 is preparing a blueprint for adopting the first Govt. Public School in the state of Telangana India with meaningful contribution from philanthropic 1-2-3 Edge Model. A quantity of 30 Notebook PCs is earmarked for this cause along with financial help to assist students studying in the Govt. Public School.


Since 2008, Virtuos has been contributing small amounts to which has a great vision: A happy, healthy and creative child whose rights are protected and honored in a society that is built on respect for dignity, justice, and equity for all.

Performance with Purpose

Every year we recruit students from small and lesser-known Engineering colleges and carve students’ careers by introducing them to latest technologies such as Salesforce CRM. Every year we hire freshers from the Engineering and management Colleges for training them on modern technologies. The fund spent in training and compensation was close to US$ 200k during 2015-17, and every year we spend over US$150,000 on training the freshers as part of SpringBoard and LaunchPad programs. We are glad that most of them have been hired by companies like Deloitte, Oracle, Cognizant, and Virtuos retains some of them.

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