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Innovation On

Jump-Start Your Innovation Journey With “Innovation ON” Framework


In the digital century era, only thing constant is business change and innovation is essential to success.

Innovation ON is your customizable framework to design innovation roadmaps and deliver high value business outcomes. Our frameworks are designed to meet the C-Level executive boards with emphasis on Ideas, Strategies, Technologies and Transformation — centered around Customer Experience (CX).

Chief Executive Officer

CEO's role is to define a clear customer-experience aspiration and common purpose. Great Organizations like Walt Disney Company have a purposeful statement: "We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all ages, everywhere." The CEO is also called the Chief Experience Officer.

Chief Operating Officer

The COO sets the tone for Operational Excellence while having visibility into the customer's dynamic needs and the ability to measure the C-SAT, Customer Success and Quality of Customer Service. COOs and Chief Customer Officers (CCOs) work very closely to deliver customer-centricity.

Chief Financial Officer

CFOs are increasingly taking the ownership of Customer Experience (CX), a step beyond allocating budgets for CX Technologies. CFOs realize that the bottom line of the business is serving customers better, cross-sell, and up-sell more. Secondly, they also see a better CX ultimately reduces overheads.

Chief Innovation Officer

CIOs (or CTOs) choose CX Technologies to measure the business impact by allocating resources and carefully watching the returns on the tech investments. CIOs also work with CMOs, COOs, and CCOs to better understand the technological challenges and address them using in-house and outsourced assets.

Chief Marketing Officer

According to Gartner's study, some CMOs prefer to own CX as their portfolio, while many others want it to be the responsibility of Chief Customer Officers (CCO). Marketing and CX are inseparable as the customers go through the entire Buying and Owning Journey across the touchpoints and channels.

Chief Customer Officer

CXO is the owner of Customer Experience (CX) with shared responsibilities of overseeing back-end operations, inbound/outbound channels of engagement, and Workforce management. With a multitude of functions, CCO often loses the focus on true CX — Audit, Customer Journeys, Voice of the Customer, etc.



Our innovation On lab (formerly Innovation Open Lab) can boost digital transformation initiatives by streamlining the process from idea generation to implementation.
Innovation Framework Diagram


The Invincible Company explores the future, while excelling at exploiting the present. The Invincible company cultivates an innovation and execution culture that lives in harmony under the same roof. It competes on superior business models and transcends traditional industry boundaries.
Source: The Invincible Company

Explore Portfolio

Your portfolio of innovation projects, new business models, new value propositions, and new products and services, all mapped out in terms of Expected Return and Innovation Risk.


Exploit Portfolio

Your portfolio of existing businesses, value propositions, products, and services, all mapped out in terms of Return and Death and Disruption Risk.

  • Explore
  • Exploit
  • Search and breakthrough
  • Focus
  • Efficiency and growth
  • High
  • Uncertainty
  • Low
  • Venture-capital style risk-taking, expecting few outsized winners
  • Financial Philosophy
  • Safe haven with steady returns and dividends
  • Iterative experimentation, embracing speed, failure, learning, and rapid adaptation
  • Culture and Processes
  • Linear execution, embracing planning, predictability, and minimal failure
  • Explorers who excel in uncertainty, are strong at pattern recognition, and can navigate between big picture and details
  • People and Skills
  • Managers who are strong at organizing and planning and can design efficient processes to deliver on time and budget


The Agile and Lean strategy tool for creating a business model canvas.

At Virtuos Innovation On Lab, we use the following template to strategize and apply Business 4.0 Framework.

Business Model Diagram
Source: Business Model Generation Book

"Innovation happens when ideas create value. An innovation lab is the ideal place to explore and establish how the organization will accomplish this."

IO Icon


How we use iterative and experimental approaches to navigate through the COVID.
Dynamic Funding Model Dynamic

Stages to Business Innovation Response

How Virtuos is driving alignment and funding needs during COVID.
  • Reconcile What To Do Now
    Reconcile Icon

    “People First” - Immediate steps to put and ensure safety and well being

    Cash Management - Financial and organizational decisions and actions to retain workforce

  • Re-Focus What To Do Next
    Re-Focus icon

    Re-Focus and re-prioritize initiatives to align with immediate circumstances:

    Value added solutions for crisis or cost savings and optimization solutions

  • Re-Imagine What To Do Long-Term

    Determine if short-term responses and reactions will become long-term changes

    What needs to be reinvented based on new customer and market changes

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    • 1 Avoid Knee-Jerk Reactions
    • 2 Ensure Resiliency by Planning Stages
    • 3 Continuous Re-evaluate and Re-align
    • 4 Take Advantage of Scarcity


    The four Building Blocks lead to smooth execution by infusing the required investments.


    C.Digital — Where C is for Customer

    The Mastermind Strategies by the Industry experts, Academia, and leading publications, and Agnitor Network of Experts.

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    Culture at the Organizations

    Creating CX and EX to be in unison by developing a new culture from the ground up to transform business models.

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    Reskilling for the new economy

    Masterclass series by top Institutions and Industry Gurus; Masterly skill development; and E-Learning Platform — the building blocks.

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    Design Thinking
    Design Thinking combines Analysis and Intuition

    We use AIKIDO experience design and CX Prism customer-centric digital innovation methodology to deliver value to our customers.

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    Business 4.0 is the confluence of four important aspects.
    Industrie 4.0

    Industrie 4.0

    Understand the disruptions of Industry and help customers with Quick solutions.

    Globalization 4.0

    Globalization 4.0

    Pandemic starved countries with interdependence on skills need new sources of expertise like Agnitor.

    Digitalization 4.0

    Digitalization 4.0

    New Digital Dexterity standards for employees and automation of processes across the departments.

    Society 5.0

    Society 5.0

    What kind of new innovation can change societies, and how companies should prepare to handle VUCA.


    Define an innovation perimeter along seven key dimensions.

    • Company Level
    • Novelty
    • Market impact
    • Timing Scale
    • Program Level
    • Focus
    • Participation
    • Breadth

    Design an innovation portfolio and rebalance it regularly by using Innovation On Frameworks.

    • CX Focus
    • CRM Technologies
    • CX Transformation
    • Sales, Service
    • Commerce, Marketing
    • Voice of the Customer
    • EX Focus
    • HCM Technologies
    • EX Strategy
    • Talent, Skills
    • Voice of the Employee
    • XX Focus
    • IT and IT Services
    • Digital Automation
    • IT Operations
    • Technology
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