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Culture at Organization


It’s not just a happy working environment; it’s your own space — where you deliver happiness to customers. The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement collectively regarded as "happiests" culture.

Working with Virtuos is not just a job. It’s an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Each one of us looks forward to working at a place where you wish to come back each morning with a smile of job satisfaction and sense of achievement.

Virtuos is an exhilarating place to be in — It's a journey — An experience!

We provide you an inspiring combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play, and happy work culture. There's so much to explore here — each day is a new day.

'Call it an adventure or a thrilling roller coaster ride that combines work and personal life.'



Through our foundational OKRX — A goal-setting program, and ABCDE framework for improved execution through capability building, we focus on learning, and enjoyment to foster creativity and encourage our employees to appreciate diversity and social responsibility.



By using the contemporary technologies, processes, and systems, Virtuos improves operational efficiency through reduced conflict, rule-abiding, respectful, cooperative, and orderly culture. At the same time, we also focus on individualism enhancing organizational agility.

Caring at Virtuos


Our style of improved teamwork is through engagement, communication, trust and sense of belonging without stifling growth & innovation. At Virtuos, we treat people fairly and maintain safety & privacy through improved risk management, stability, and business continuity.

  • Purpose

    Uddeshya Logo

    Purpose oriented culture. Every employee is to define her purpose (Uddeshya) for work life.

  • Learning

    Trailforce Logo

    Open minded organization encouraging employees to learn new skills to better deliver experienceJob.

  • Safety

    Safety Icon

    Safety and security on ground is important. Women employees leave the office by 6 PM. We are housed in A+ security building.

  • Enjoyment

    Friday Fun Icon

    Playful environment to encourage creativity and foster collaboration amongst the teams to break from work routines.

  • Authority

    Authority Icon

    Governance and bold decisions are part of the leadership to avoid situations where trust is compromised.

Happiests Culture is the result of research and our continuous feedback from employees.

Happiests Building Blocks

Our unique h-a-p-p-i-e-s-t-s building blocks define the characteristics of our culture. These nine styles fit into integrated culture framework.
Hardwired Results

Hardwired ≈ Results

Hard-wired for paying attention to improved execution. Mainly it is achievement driven, and goal focussed generating results.

Agility ≈ Speed

Driven to succeed with speed of execution by using agile technologies, fast-paced approaches to building solutions.

Agility ~ Speed
Passion ~ Purpose

Passion ≈ Purpose

Passionately purpose driven with the improved appreciation for diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Positivity ≈ Authority

Passionately purpose driven with an improved appreciation for diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Positivity ~ Authority
Igagination ~ Enjoyment

Imagination ≈ Enjoyment

Playful, instinctive, fun loving with imaginative thinking. Improved employee morale and creativity.

Excellence ≈ Orderly

Strive for excellence in orderly systems, processes, skills, and greater civic-mindedness.

Excellence ~ Orderly
Sincerity ~ Safety

Sincerity ≈ Safety

Realistic, careful and prepared for the future. Improved risk management, stability, and business continuity.

Trustworthiness ≈ Caring

Warm, sincere, caring and rational. Improved teamwork, trust, and sense of ownership to deliver on a promise.

Trustworthiness ~ Caring
Smartness ~ Learning

Smartness ≈ Learning

Open, inventive and always exploring new ideas. Improved innovation, agility, and organizational learning.

Rewards Performance

Tie it to pay

See Performance

The best judge is the team leader

Fuel Performance

What do great team leaders do?


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