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    The rise of Experience Economy

    An experience is not a nebulous construct - it is as real an offering as any product, service, or commodity. The US$ Trillion experience economy will grow through the "gales of creative destruction".

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    Defy the laws of Digital disruption

    Customer Experience makes or breaks organizations in the digital age. Fail to execute, and results can be dire. But succeed, and it will be a marvelous feat. Here are the three phases of roadmap application leaders focused on CX and Digital should support customer-centric strategies.

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  • consumer-cycle N e g o t i a t e I n s p i r e C r o s s s e l l BUYING CYCLE OWNING CYCLE Drop Review Review Abandon M a r k e t i n g S a l e s P a y m e n t S e e k i n f o r m a t i o n C o m p a r e A m p l i f y H a r v e s t D e l i v e r y W a r r a n t y L o y a l t y A d v o c a c y S e r v i c e 0 Interest 1 Need Research 2 Select 3 3 Purchase 4 Receive 5 Use / Consume 6 Maintain / Experience 7 Recommend 8 Buy Again 9

    Orchestrate Successful Customer Centricity

    Discover the journey moments, don’t’ prescribe. Identify pivotal moments during buy-own-advocate stages (see figure), where brands to need to understand the behaviors, preferences, media consumption habits, technology adoption patterns.

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How to listen better to the Voice of the Customer

CustomerVoice: A crucial stepping stone on the journey to Customer Experience Excellence. Create an emotional connection with your customers building digital business moments and tracking the voice of the customer.


Engineering & Professional Services for Customer and Employee Engagement Technologies, Platforms and Ecosystems.

Business 3.0/4.0 Operations

Business Outcomes from Customer Experience processes delivering operational efficiencies leveraging AI, Cloud and Digital.

CX Marries Digital

Connecting Customer Experience (CX) with Digital Marketing to optimize the spend and drive maximum effectiveness.

Benefit from the Virtuoso experience and its peers to make more insightful decisions on CX & Digital Marketing strategies and engage your customers in connected conversations by harnessing Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things (IOT).

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