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Virtuos Consultare means "Experts to consult"

Virtuoso teams consult on Customer Digital Strategy, Operational Efficiency, and Digital Workplace Transformation.

We stretch the customer and pull ourselves to deliver superior value to our customers on cutting edge technologies. We generate a conduit of ideas actively seeking experiences to enrich the product or service for our customers in a whole new way. At Virtuos, the customer is at heart, always.

C.Digital O.Digital W.Digital

We Are Strategists

Connect innovation to strategy creating value chain architecture for customers.

We Are Digital Darwinists

Transforming new business models with integrated CX.Digital Strategy.

We Are Idea Hunters

Obsessed with new ideas and always on the prowl for creating the next "edge".

We Are Virtuoso Teams

High performance team with a compelling vision of “big change” for our customers.

Elite Customers
Customer Success
Consulting Months
CX.Digital Defy the laws of Digital disruption

Customer Experience makes or breaks organizations in the digital age. Fail to execute, and results can be dire. But succeed, and it will be a marvelous feat. Here are the three phases of roadmap application leaders focused on CX and Digital should support customer-centric strategies.

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CX.Digital Orchestrate Successful Customer Centricity

Discover the journey moments, don’t’ prescribe. Identify pivotal moments during buy-own-advocate stages (see figure), where brands need to understand the behaviors, preferences, media consumption habits, technology adoption patterns.

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CX.Digital How to listen better to the Voice of the Customer

CustomerVoice: A crucial stepping stone on the journey to Customer Experience Excellence. Create an emotional connection with your customers building digital business moments and tracking the voice of the customer.

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CRM, Customer Experience to WorkPlace Digital Transformation across Industries

Engineering & Professional Services for Customer and Employee Engagement Technologies, Platforms and Ecosystems across diverse verticals.

Retail - ECommerce

Retail - ECommerce

Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality

Banking & Financial

Banking & Financial

Consultare by Industry

Consultare by Industry

Accelerate CX with Primer
Accelerate CX with Primer

CX Primer kickstarts discussions with C-Level Executives across various departments on CX Program with multiple workshops, and methodologies.

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Understand the State of Customer Experience (CX) through research.

cx pyramid

cx pyramid

Balancing Customer Experience with Business Expectations.

cx datum

cx datum

Sneak peak into systems, technologies, processes, and information taxonomy.

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Every Business

Virtuos Consultare Solutions include CRM Digital, Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), Enterprise IT, Digital Automation, Customer Trust Management Operations, and Cloud.

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Indicial is CX Diagnostics to assess your Competitive Edge.

Customer Success Stories

Our products, transformation services and insights helped more than 100 leading brands across major industries.
  • Flipkart casestudy by Virtuos

    Streamlining customer engagement and ensuring answer consistency

  • Make My Trip casestudy by Virtuos halved avg. call handling time and increased revenue with CX Cloud

  • Digital Process Automation Solution for a leading Reinsurance Company

    Digital Process Automation Solution for a leading Reinsurance Company.

  • Standard Chartered casestudy by Virtuos

    CX and Contact Center Automation

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