A description of the structure and interaction between the business strategy, organisation, functions, business processes, and information needs.Enterprise IT Services is a new division at Virtuos Digital spanning Technology Services, Digital Automation to Engineering and Operations.



Digital businesses need agility that paves the ways for dynamic delivery of new technologies, services, and operational excellence — all rendered in a continuous and iterative manner.

At Virtuos, we can help identify specific challenges and provide deep insights and best business practices to overcome these challenges.

  • Application Services

    Broad array of application services — implementation, customization and modernization for CRM, ERP, HCM, BPM, Data & Analytics, and other enterprise technology software from the leading partners.

  • O.Digital Operations

    Operations (O) are digital. Our O.Digital plays a significant role for Optimization across your (Out)Sourcing, Procurement, managed support, business continuity, and Vendor Management initiatives.

  • Technology Services Diagram
  • IT Infrastructure Services

    Virtuos Vardei offers Data Center & Cloud service spectrum and Vdeocom™, Digital Collaboration workplace technologies with TechEquilibrium balancing act for greater convergence.

  • Enterprise Technology

    Software and select hardware to meet business and technology needs of growing organizations to power the future digital enterprise. We also offer a wide range of modern tools under

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Digital Transformation at the speed of thought. Virtuos Vivacis brings cutting edge technologies to enterprises seeking to transform their business with:

Vivacis Digital Automation Practice
Leading Alliances
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Fab India
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Learn how FabIndia is automating Its Contracts using Agiloft CLM Suite

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Our Experience Design led, AIKIDO X Engineering Process outshines the most of the heavily staffed big development centers. We offer differentiated models for building and delivering products for your business needs.

Because of our strong 12+ years of experience in delivering CX and EX portfolio of products, services and solutions to large and mid-sized companies across several nations, we have come to gain invaluable expertise and expertise in UX, Experience Design, and technical skills.


Leading Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Implementation Services.



Building next-gen applications with No Code Platform from Creatio.



Leading edge CX Stack offering Omnichannel Service Orchestration.

Innovation On


Real Time Collaboration to create superior Employee Experience.



Comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Program.



Customer Experience Continuum with CX Stack Optimization Services.

Application Develpment Platforms Diagram
We build applications using Salesforce Platforms.
We build rapid applications using Power Platform from Microsoft.
Building Apps on Android, IOS. Powerful PWA Visit
Relationware Integration and Broad Technologies
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Cloud has become the foundation that enables businesses to transform, differentiate and gain competitive advantage. Many organizations are now focused on cloud-first strategies as they turn their attention to advancing the use of cloud services across the business.

At Virtuos Cloud, We manage your cloud infra using a wide portfolio of choices from AWS, Google, Microsoft and Oracle.

  • Develop a cloud-first and multicloud strategy
  • Continuously practice workload placement analysis
  • Plan for cloud adoption maturity
  • Establish multicloud governance and management processes
  • Develop a multicloud management tooling strategy
  • Evaluate multicloud SaaS integration requirements
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Our broad spectrum of services include:

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Multicloud strategies

Multicloud Strategies

Distribute cloud services where customers want to consume them, on-premises and on the edge.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Highly skilled at using tools to analyze operational data and find cost optimization opportunities.

IaaS Skills

IaaS Skills

Looking to migrate workloads to the cloud? Trust our O.Digital managed Services with a proven track record.

Transition Services

Transition Services

Application and Data Migration and Cloudifying the On-Premise Applications with backup and transition services.

Our broad spectrum of services include:

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A well designed UX and Interface addressing the user behaviour and persona.

Business Process

Business Process

Fundamentally alter or extend the existing offering to create impactful mobile apps.

Mobile App Architecture

Mobile App Architecture

Getting the mobile app architecture correct can make organizations very productive.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Increased internet speeds and app fatigue forcing consumers to shift away from mobile apps to PWAs.


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A new digital society is here where we will change forever with micro iterations and technological corrections leading to the evolution of Digital Century Business.

One such iteration is "post-app era," where we don’t see “apps” going out of business. Welcome to the future where gen-next mobile apps (aka RightApps) will be useful and relevant for the foreseeable period.

Virtuos thrives with a team of enthusiastic application developers who are highly engaged and feel valued.

  • We invest in people: Every Developer wants to build cool software
  • We use cutting-edge technology for architecture, development and automation
  • We create a culture of innovation and “intrapreneurship”
  • Build mobile apps that have a positive impact on the business and users
  • RightApps are right for every type, size and budget of an organization
  • Improve business productivity with real return on investment
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Make Application Development Cool Again

Right Apps


We are continuously investing in new skills, practices and technologies to transform our application development organization into a top performer. A great number of innovative POST-COVID businesses are unveiled every quarter. See some of them in action.

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