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Welcome to Nexorama

The post-COVID digital Transformation

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Virtuos Exonomy Post-COVID strategy — Nexorama.

Virtuos Exonomy established in 2018 has incubated and invested in four companies. Exonomy Nexorama is our next strategy.

About Exonomy
Virtuos Exonomy Ventures

Virtuos Exonomy Ventures

Virtuos Exonomy Ventures (VXV) has incubated and Invested in four companies — Giftcart Ecommerce, Indic Digital; Sweven; and Tekcorp.

Exonomy Nexorama

Virtuos Exonomy Nexorama

Virtuos Exonomy Nexorama (VXN) is incubating four new businesses within Virtuos Digital — Uncodify; Audacis; Wundero; and Expedience.

  • Wundero

    Wundero — Elearning

  • Audacis

    Audacis — Digital Agency

  • Expedience

    Expedience — Talent Hub

  • Uncodify

    Uncodify — Low Code

  • Innovation On

    Innovation On — The lab

  • Nexorama

    Nexorama — Next New

Nexorama is our brand new Post-COVID Digital Transformation Drive at Virtuos

NEXORAMA has the foundation of four Essentials: CHANGEABL NEXORAMA has the foundation of four Essentials: CHANGEABL Framework building superpowers (aka virtues) transforming business models from Innovation On Lab. COMPOSABL — Composable Thinking; Composable Architecture; and Composable Technologies; FLUIDIBLE — Capable of flow even under pressure; The flow of Skills across #Domains using our Legendary Primary and Secondary skill metrics. ALL AGILE — Focus on customer needs and outcomes using agile methodologies.

Nexorama Composabl
Nexorama Fluidible
Nexorama All Agile
Nexorama Changeabl


Nexorama is unleashing Four New Businesses in FY23

Blitzscaling with AUDACIS The NextGen Digital Agency
Introducing WUNDERO The Agile E-Learning Platform
New You
NewYou Business — NOVO NewYou — Accelerating Value
Unleashing EXPEDIENCE The disruptive Talent Platform
Creating Invincible Business Inspired from Invincible Co.
Unveiling UNCODIFY Low Code No Code Business
NEXORAMA The Digital Next New @ Virtuos

Post COVID Experience Economy Play

Creating a New Business Model to accelerate Digital Transformation.

Nexorama is our newest strategy (Post-COVID Digital Transformation Initiative) to help organizations worldwide accelerate their operations with whole new business models. In the FY2023, We are incubating four newest businesses complementing our Consultare Division in the space of CRM, Customer Experience, LowCode NoCode Platforms, and Consulting & Advisory Services.

  • Audacis Logo

    Digital Marketing

    Post-COVID economy needs sharp and outcomes driven Digital Marketing Services with integrated Services.

  • Uncodify Logo

    Low Code No Code

    Businesses are interested in realizing outcomes quickly and at low-cost to meet their dynamic and ongoing needs.

  • Wundero Logo

    Agile Learning

    Wundero is an agile e-learning Platform to help organizations in reskilling their employees in whole new way.

  • Expedience Logo

    Talent Advisory

    The COVID has disrupted the organizations with huge Talent shortages. Expedience offers Talent On Demand.

Disruptive and Timely Help for Organizations
  • 01. Any Process Any Time

    Implement any process any time using our Low Code No Code (No qualms) Platform powered by our partners at the fraction of the cost.

  • 02. Agile Learning for Employees

    Wundero Platform comes with bundled services to design, curate and construct most contextual courses/programs for your employees.

  • 03. DemandGen

    Audacis offers comprehensive DemandGen Services— Digital Marketing, SEO, Branding, UX/MX Creative Design Services, and Mobile Apps.

  • 04. Hire Resources Quickly

    We can provide talented and skilled workforce for working on short-term or long-term projects with complete peace of mind and assurance.

Happy Clients
Happy Clients
Projects Completed
Projects Completed
Years of Existence
Years of Existence
Man years of Expertise
Man years of Expertise
Virtuos Exonomy

Virtuos Exonomy is a think tank to breed and bootstrap new ventures.

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