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Virtuos Ventures is part of Virtuos Exonomy Business Group. At Virtuos Exonomy, we ideate, incubate, and fund the ventures promoted internally by the employees or the executive management.

Virtuos Innovation Open

At Virtuos Exonomy, our Innovation Open Lab acts as a guiding force comprising board members, senior management, partners and community that's involved in research, hackathon X, workshops, ideation, and incubation of new ventures.

Virtuos Ventures Portfolio

These portfolio brands are managed by leadership teams to transform them into next edge businesses with highly differentiated offerings and value propositions. These brands reflect our vision for the future in the Experience Economy (Exonomy).

Aury® Chatbot

It’s a Digital Chatbot. Artificial Intelligence powers it. Aury is also your latest smart home surveillance device, and it’s also AR and VR opportunity.

Aury - Digital Chatbot
Innovation Open - Budh


At Budh, we envision a new tomorrow with sustainable and renewable business, AI driven Smart farming, and Urbanization with Smart Cities.


Cloudle is a modern Low-Code No-Code Platform to help enterprises quickly accelerate their business processes with modern applications.

Innovation Open - Cloudle


Definite® Experience Cloud Platform (DXP) enables the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across customer journeys.

Innovation Open - Definite
Innovation Open - Enforce


Enforce® Digital Experience Cloud™ putting CX and EX in unison and transforming the future of work, and workplace in Artificial Intelligence driven Economy.

VYO® Digital Twin Platform

AI powered Virtual Digital Twin Platform — Virtuos’ most ambitious project into creating Virtual Avatars, Super Digital Society 5.0’s App for every citizen and Post-COVID lifestyle.

Digital Twin Platform - VYO
IO LogoIdeas. Incubation. Innovation.


Everything begins with an idea. At Virtuos Exonomy, we reimagine technologies with the most creative, time tested and groundbreaking ideas that change the world.
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Aury Chatbot Practice to help brands use native AI and NLP technologies to better serve their customers.

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Innovation Insight

Vyo - The Digital Twin

Vyo, the Digital Twin
(aka alt ego)

VYO Digital twin (pronounced as "Yo!) analyzes and simulates real-world conditions, responds to changes, improves operational excellence while adding value. For organizations, and for Individuals, it creates (like Alter ego) new opportunities with AI-based analysis practically acting as your next best version.

Definite - The Digital Experience Cloud

Definite, The Digital Experience Cloud

Definite will be a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that supports modern web development and integrated applications such as CRM, ERP, SCM, HCM and several others. The traditional websites will be history paving the way to new DXP that’s built on the Experience Architecture.

Enforce - Employee Experience Cloud

Enforce, Employee Experience Cloud

We are witnessing significant disruption in how future workforce responds to changes. About 80% of millennials will drive the business and economy in the next 5-10 years. Millennials need a new kind of engagement platform that’s less work, more productivity, and even more privacy with minimal complexity.