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Virtuos Ventures is part of Virtuos Exonomy Business Group. At Virtuos Exonomy, we ideate, incubate, and fund the ventures promoted internally by the employees or the executive management.

Virtuos Innovation Open

At Virtuos Exonomy, our Innovation Open Lab acts as a guiding force comprising board members, senior management, partners and community that's involved in research, hackathon X, workshops, ideation, and incubation of new ventures.

Virtuos Ventures Portfolio

These portfolio brands are managed by leadership teams to transform them into next edge businesses with highly differentiated offerings and value propositions. These brands reflect our vision for the future in the Experience Economy (Exonomy).

Aury® Chatbot

It’s a Digital Chatbot. Artificial Intelligence powers it. Aury is also your latest smart home surveillance device, and it’s also AR and VR opportunity.

Aury - Digital Chatbot
Innovation Open - Budh


At Budh, we envision a new tomorrow with sustainable and renewable business, AI driven Smart farming, and Urbanization with Smart Cities.


Giftcart is the next generation gifting experiences commerce company offering personalized products and services for every occasion. Visit

Innovation Open - Giftcart


Indic is a portfolio company managing top-notch brands offering complete Digital Experiences to consumers. For more information visit

Innovation Open - Indic
Innovation Open - Sweven


Sweven is the CRM Mastermind focussing on Salesforce Ecosystem offering industry specific high performance consulting services. For more information visit


Tekcorp offers Cloud and Modern Technology Infrastructure Services to Enterprise Customers offering total peace of mind. For more information visit

Innovatio Open - Tekcorp
IO LogoIdeas. Incubation. Innovation.


Everything begins with an idea. Virtuos Exonomy unleashes NEXORAMA where we reimagine Composable technologies with the most creative, time tested and groundbreaking ideas that change the world.
Aury Logo


Aury Chatbot Practice to help brands use native AI and NLP technologies to better serve their customers.

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Virtuos Ventures invests in the Experience Economy to support the modern ecosystems through Experience Cloud Products/Services, Nexorama set of Composable Technologies & Innovations and Futuristry Metaverse.
Vyo - The Digital Twin

Exonomy — Nexorama

Nexroma is our direction to launch Post-COVID business to accelerate our vision for becoming an integrated Experience Consultancy. Wundero is our new Agile Learning Platform for reskilling employees across the organizations; Expedience is our Talent sourcing platform; Audacis is the new brand+digital marketing service; and Uncodify is building new set of composable industry specific applications leveraging low-code no-code platforms.

Definite - The Digital Experience Cloud

Exonomy — Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud is building a new set of modern applications on the cloud integrating our visionary Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX) and Everything Experience (XX) practices into a unified and cohesive platform. Experience Cloud further complemented by Experience Crowd and Experience Desk accelerates value for modern organizations who want to thrive in the Experience Economy with fully integrated and immersive systems.

Enforce - Employee Experience Cloud

Exonomy — Futuristry

In the world of tomorrow, we will witness Metaverse, AI/Data Science and Robotics to reshape the world in a whole new way. On the other side, Companies will invest in sustainable technologies protecting the environment and society with renewable energy. Virtuos Futuristry includes building investments in Metaverse, AI, Digital Twins and Renewal Energy contributing to the Experience Economy and helping nations achieve ESG goals quickly.