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Virtuos Cloud

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As more and more IT infrastructure and workloads shift to the cloud, so has infrastructure management. The result has been two distinct infrastructure management models, with clear similarities but also distinctive differences. At Virtuos we have stepped up to the plate to help solve this reality, helping enterprises with the portfolio of managed public cloud services.

New Service Offerings

Solve For Unique Operational Requirements.

New Cloud Services

Must Be Managed Differently.

New Engagement Models

Match The Pace Of Cloud's Innovation.

Speed and Agility to Transform

Should be at the speed of thought.


Faced with skills shortages and a seemingly endless procession of new features and functionality, many enterprises are embracing managed cloud services to help them work effectively in the public cloud environment. Virtuos Cloud offers managed public cloud services to help Enterprises outperform and outthink the competition.

Virtuos delivers better cloud operations and governance

kick off customers’ cloud journeys in order to establish best practices and avoid early pain or exposure. Help organizations to leverage these services to maintain that quality throughout their cloud journey.

We supplement cloud skills shortages by bridging the gaps

Cloud demand exceeds the supply of operational skills required to manage it. We help fill skills shortages and offer cloud platform, performance management, cloud-native development, operating system (OS), and DevOps expertise.

Help Enterprises adopt new cloud features faster

Organizations find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer innovation in the cloud space and they are unable to discern the quality of the new features. Virtuos helps by extensively testing newly available features and by guiding their customers to expand their cloud usage.


Opportunities For Managed Cloud Services Exist Across The Cloud Adoption Lifecycle.

Virtuos — The MSP partner

That matches your requirements — for today and in the future.

Flexible contractual structure

Capable of seamlessly blending delivery and innovation.

Full Spectrum. Single Source

For both cloud-centric and infrastructure management.

Clear division of responsibilities

In devising a statement of work along with cloud maturity.


The leading public cloud providers that are offering a breadth of emerging tech services.

The Balance Of The Three Infrastructure Locales Is Shifting Over Time

Some of the leading Public Cloud Offerings and Managed Services

Source: Forrester Research


In the digital era, customers demand that firms serving them be customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected.

To keep up with the rapid innovation and disruption happening across all industries and stay ahead of their competition, CIOs and technology leaders should assess and effectively leverage emerging technologies for their net-new values.

At Virtuos, we are increasingly delivering these technologies as a service, which accelerates and cost optimizes their use. To help CIOs make these tough technology decisions, we have simplified with the analysis and an overview of which clouds provide which emerging technologies, who is leveraging them, and how best to do so.


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Cloud has become the foundation that enables businesses to transform, differentiate and gain competitive advantage. Many organizations are now focused on cloud-first strategies as they turn their attention to advancing the use of cloud services across the business.

At Virtuos Cloud, We manage your cloud infra using a wide portfolio of choices from AWS, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle.

  • Develop a cloud-first and multicloud strategy
  • Continuously practice workload placement analysis
  • Plan for cloud adoption maturity
  • Establish multicloud governance and management processes
  • Develop a multicloud management tooling strategy
  • Evaluate multicloud SaaS integration requirements

Our broad spectrum of services include:

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Multicloud strategies

Multicloud Strategies

Distribute cloud services where customers want to consume them, on-premises and on the edge.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Highly skilled at using tools to analyze operational data and find cost optimization opportunities.

IaaS Skills

IaaS Skills

Looking to migrate workloads to the cloud? Trust our O.Digital managed Services with a proven track record.

Transition Services

Transition Services

Application and Data Migration and Cloudifying the On-Premise Applications with backup and transition services.

Cloud Caters To Business Agility

Virtuos Cloud offers “Business Agile” Professional Services aimed at helping customers achieve success in their Cloud Journey.


We implement Cloud Solutions (including SaaS, IaaS and Paas) from leading Vendors. We have deep expertise or more than 12 years of experience in Cloud native environments. Virtuos is born in the Cloud delivering US$ 1 Million Contracts from each of the leaders in their segment — MakeMyTrip and Flipkart.


Migration to the Cloud

At Virtuos, we have a significant experience edge in identifying elements of customers' applications portfolios suitable for migration to the cloud; and addressing other elements of the "plan, build, and run" spectrum. Built on Pace Layered Umbrella System (PLUS) Methodology, we deliver speed and agility.



Virtuos CloudMastermind™ practice comprises Advisory, Strategy, Migration, and Applications services, along with ongoing operational services. Thanks to our exhaustive O.Digital Services by combining three Invincible forces — No.1 Cloud, Cloud Operational Excellence, and Cloud Digital Dexterity.



Use Modernization And Migration Services To Speed Your Cloud Migration. Virtuos Cloud — The CloudMastermind™ at your service.

Combine three distinct competencies: Cloud migration, applications modernization, and cloud-native development, Virtuos Cloud delivers a great value proposition.

Bolster your competitive advantages with Virtuos Be a mastermind,
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