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The Pace Layered Umbrella Strategy.Virtuos Strategy Framework for Customer Success.
Paced Layered Umbrella Strategy


It is a framework of "Pace Layers" having an “Umbrella Strategy” with the precise definition of strategic goals, and how these goals are achieved through a process of iteration allowing others the flexibility to devise important content. The three layers are:
Systems of insight

Systems of

The art of mastering the hunt for ideas. Gain invaluable knowledge from our in-depth research to turn these insights into action. We create data fabric that can let you grow and flex real-time decision-making capabilities. Modern Best Practice (MBP) advisory commits to iterative adjustments in layers.

Systems of Engagement

Systems of

Systems of records and processes focus on standardization and operational efficiency. Using our NOW (New Or Wow) framework, we structure various differentiation techniques, industry-specific domain capabilities and innovative often disruptive business models for sustainable competitive advantage.

Systems of Enablement

Systems of

With strong consulting skills, CRM and Customer Experience (CX) Practice along with sound Software and Digital Engineering capabilities, Virtuos enables enterprises to harness multitude of technologies. Our Digital dexterity standards also offer unique governance and change management strategies.

Systems of Insight

Insight is definitely the cream of the datamart you have all along been harvesting. It's not another term for AI or Business Analytics.

Be Interested

Develop intellectual curiosity which is basically an abiding interest in and all matters that improve the business capabilities to do more.

Diversify the Hunt

The colour of your ideas. That is the diversity we see it when multicultural representation from different backgrounds present in Hackathon X.


Mastering the habits of the hunt. Begin with eyes wide open engagement with the world and a sense of what needs to be observed.

Agile. It's Critical

Putting yourself in the line of fire potentially generating valuable ideas. An Act of moving toward different sources of ideas and beginning to work with them.

Insight is definitely the cream of the data crop you have all along been harvesting. It's not another term for AI or Business Analytics.

Customer behaviour

Journey maps, buying, and micro-moments bring insights to help you with real-time digital marketing campaigns and strategies.


Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal environmental factors can affect many aspects of the business — a vital source of insights.


Leading universities, Academies of repute bring insights from a myriad of sources - students, professors, industry veterans, and alumni network.


Professional networks, Research organizations, Publications, Partners, Industry associations, Conferences, amongst several others are insightful.

Insight is definitely the cream of the data crop you have all along been harvesting. It's not another term for AI or Business Analytics.

Modern Best Practices

Transformational practices by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to pave the way for disruption that's vital for sustainable differentiation in your industry.


Customer Success Management with clearly defined KPIs to bring higher productivity and participate in digital workplace strategies.


Alignment with Gartner CEB for insights and thought leadership to advise and guide on the next big thing in technology and business.

Innovation Insight

IndicialTM Diagnostics comes with research tools, methodologies, and consumer indices to help organizations with business and marketing strategies.

Systems of Engagement

System of Engagement

This framework can help organizations move away from “one size fits everything” approach and embrace standards of governance and change management strategies.


Board or Executive engagement fairly at senior level because of strategic focus and type of funding.


Well understood in advance. It's highly integrated and commoditized. Quite stable and interdependent.


Planning horizon at this pace is two or more years because of various interdependencies.


The corporate capital investment process is applied at this pace as it directly relates to operational efficiency.


Minimum as the planning horizon is two or more years, and it also comes with sophisticated evaluation.


A formal selection committee with the complex evaluation process, ROI analysis. Usually traditional vendors present.


Modular upfront design and systematic architectures. Governance is formal and enterprise wide.


Regular patches, updated, and enhancements. Vendor tech support contract or internal IT Contract.

Strategic Focus

Operational Efficiency remains a strategic focus. Blocks of dependencies sharing the same focus.

Bimodal Approach

Systems of records are well suited for Mode 1. More predictable evolution of products and technologies.


It's usually low. A lot of emphasis on negotiation and formal touch points used for negotiation techniques.

Pace of Change

Slower compared to other layers, and incremental change is noticed because of a legacy that it comes with.


Flexible and loosely coupled architectures. Service-oriented, mostly cloud first or cloud-ready architecture.


Vendor contract or internal IT. Maintenance interwoven with ongoing development and engineering.

Driving force

Increase profitability while shortening the time to market. Bring agility in the business model transformation.


Reasonably understood in advance. Highly configurable and customizable, and autonomous.

BiModal Approach

Often hybrid, but mostly Mode 2 practices when exploration and experimentation are needed for evolution.

Pace of Change

Moderate but more frequent. Configurability is key, and the thinking changes with shorter time to market.


Lightweight, emergent, low-code tools. Cloud and AI dominate with investments in public Cloud and security.


Very limited in nature. Only best practice advisory services required due to autonomous business continuity.

Driving force

Disruptive thinking, constantly looks for quick wins by focussing more on newly achieved skills and leaving legacy.


Very unique, mostly not well-understood. Experimental basis with iterative and dynamic testing in paces.


High in these paces, and on the edge of chaos with strong collaboration. Also in Bimodal Mode 2.

Pace of Change

Rapid and very frequent with "throwaway" customization. Sense and respond approach with "Fail fast" planning horizon.

Note: This is a generic and sample PLUS Model for SOE. If you need specific for your organization, please contact us with your brief message

Systems of Enablement

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Online Travel Agency
A leading OTA

A two-pronged pace layered strategy was implemented for one of the leading Online Travel Agency (OTA), in which Virtuos created lean, integrable layers as a part of a mid-term to long-term digital strategy. The pace layers were further divided into teams, processes, and technology. Harnessing 'Systems of Insights,' select modules were implemented to streamline the contact center operations first, and then these modules were extended to each LOB. This allowed the OTA to successfully introduce new processes, optimize existing processes and realize business outcomes parallelly.