(vur-choo-oh-soh-ship)The state of being a virtuoso; the activities of a virtuoso.


Skills, Heuristics, Innovation, and Productivity (SHIP) are dynamic and challenged constantly.When we launched the company — We wanted to be the smartest company on the planet run by Virtuoso team members. Over the years, we realized that the complacency and continued (unchallenged) success had become the biggest threat to the team’s professional IQ growth. In 2019, we launched a brand new Employee Dexterity Program — The Virtuosoship.Virtuoso means: Being Elite and Expert in a specialized field. There is a new word — Virtuosoship — It means: the state of being Virtuoso. This is like keeping yourself in Virtuoso status by acquiring new skills (S), experimenting with ideas (Heuristics); Innovating continuously(I), and Performing with a higher degree (P).


The state of being Virtuoso is not a one-time activity. The teams need to remain cutting edge continuously.Virtuoso means: A person who has specialized knowledge or skill in a field, A person who excels in technique or execution, A person who has a cultivated appreciation of artistic excellence and a technology connoisseur.
Virtuoso Team


Besides being Virtuoso, the teams need to upgrade skills, participate in compulsory heuristics programs, join Innovation On (iO) as a member, and continuously perform better.Every Virtuoso member will undergo a 30-day mandatory Mastering Business Art (MBA) refresher Program in one or a few of the four disciplines — CX, Digital, Technology, Systems.


  • Soft Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Digital Skills
  • Professional Skills
Tech Skills Icon

Hard/Tech Skills

  • Data science
  • Data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Cloud
  • Software engineering
  • AI/Machine learning
  • Internet of things
  • Security
Soft Skills Icon

Soft/Core Skills

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Influence
  • Empathy
  • Networking
  • Problem solving
Digital Skills Icon

Digital Skills

  • Agile methods
  • Design thinking
  • DevOps
  • Journey mapping
  • Platform model
  • Product mindset

"A great employee is the one who changes every quarter with new skills, new business, and new remuneration."


  • Hands-On
  • Practical
  • Fail Fast
  • Experimental
Hands-On Icon


Someone who has hands-on experience of something has done or used it rather than just read or learned about it: Many employers consider the hands-on experience to be as useful as an academic qualification or a masterly skill.

Practical Icon


Practical or practicable refers to a project or idea as being capable of being done or put into effect: the plan was expensive, yet functional. The person develops sharp acumen to succeed or be useful in real circumstances.

Fail Fast Icon

Fail Fast

A fail-fast approach is a sign of maturity to consider progressing on an idea or project or abandoning or tweaking quickly. Extensive testing and incremental development practices help you fail-fast without the stigma of a “failure.”

Experimental Icon


Employees have the skills, art, or artistic techniques involving a radically new and innovative style for product development, implementation, selling, solutions, consulting, etc. Each POC or Pilot will be considered as experiments.


Our Innovation On (Formerly Innovation Open) Lab is a guiding force comprising board members, senior management, partners, and community that's involved in research, hackathon X, workshops, ideation, and incubation of new ventures.
I-D-E-A Framework

Be Interested

Develop intellectual curiosity which is basically an abiding interest in and all matters that improve the business capabilities to do more.

Diversify the Hunt

The colour of your ideas. That is the diversity we see it when multicultural representation from different backgrounds present in Hackathon X.


Mastering the habits of the hunt. Begin with eyes wide open engagement with the world and a sense of what needs to be observed.

Agile. It’s Critical

Putting yourself in the line of fire potentially generating valuable ideas. An Act of moving toward different sources of ideas and beginning to work with them.

Innovation Framework
Innovation Framework Diagram


Our new innovative Productivity metrics include ABCDE alignment with Balanced Scorecard and transformative OKRX — Objectives, Key Results, and Experiences.
ABCDE Framework
ABCDE Framwork


Your response to stimulate; Feelings and Emotions; Passion and belief in the company also signify attitude.


Your Social Skills, Digital Etiquette, Teamwork, Integrity and variety of other factors from your behaviour.


Your ability to perform and achieve; Your skills; Experience needed to perform ExperienceJob; Your skills are benchmarked.


Quantum of Change you bring in through your efforts, It's Quantitative impact on Revenue and Profitability.


Differentiation, Innovation and Positive Impact on Company's Performance and Customer Experience.

The Balanced Scorecard

Success Mantra hinges upon clear vision and strategy. How do we look at our customers? Do we deliver value and differentiate ourselves? What kind of learning and growth an employee has with skills, and developing expertise to remain at the cutting edge.

How innovative is an Employee to bring internal process and design value drivers? How do we look to our stakeholders? What contribution an employee has made. We give weightage as per employee role. However, no single element is compromised to make up for other strategies.

Flair Alignment
ExperienceJob Framework
IQ + XQ = EQ

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) + Emotional Quotient (EQ) equals Experience Quotient (XQ). It further has four components: Employee Engagement, Employee Success, Customer Success, and Business Success. It's a Magic Quadrant – All are important for creating Experience Job.

  • Jobs aren't just tasks — They involve experiences.
  • Jobs have robust social and emotional dimensions.
  • Useful innovations solve problems that had inadequate solutions - or none at all.
  • Jobs have robust social and emotional dimensions.
  • Jobs to be innovative; collaborative; growth-centric and must exceed targets.

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The CORE Program consists of the Company’s Vision, Values, Culture Alignment, Trust, purpose, Value metrics, Digital Dexterity, Job Designing, and Spectacularly Employee Guide.
  • Vision & Mission Values Culture
  • Trust Purpose Value metrics
  • Digital Dexterity Job Designing Spectacular HR

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to “Become a linchpin of the Experience Economy” by creating Virtuoso talent that generates more creativity, more energy, and the very best performance to design a culture of innovation, constantly reinvent while competing on superior models, and create exceptional value to the customers.


Our Core values are Virtuosity, Veracity, and Velocity. Virtuosity includes new skills, imagination, tenacity to perform and excel. Veracity is about integrity, trust, and how we treat our customers and employees. Velocity is about the speed of execution by mobilizing resources like people, time, technologies, and processes.


Culture is agile, hardwired to evoke passion, positivity, trust, and imagination fluidly blending the intentions of top leaders with sincere, and smart employees to foster Virtuos’s capacity to excel. Virtuos embodies “HAPPIESTS” Culture is to drive innovation maintaining the diversity of people from different backgrounds.


Any trust deficit is considered serious compliance at Virtuos — either with Company, or Customers. At Virtuos, we enforce trust via seven key dimensions: Behavior, Attitudes, Environment, Privacy, Security, Dexterity, and Experience. Trust has no scope for compromise. Every employee is trained in Trust and Ethical practices.


We conduct training to inculcate a sense of purpose in employees, and this makes them happier at work, healthier, and more productive. Purpose maps the potential and passion of any employee and ties their strengths to the direct success of the customers. Every employee feels Motivated when they are delivering value.

Value metrics

The value we deliver to customers is the value created by the employees collectively. Our program is designed to provide substantial value metrics by integrating products, services and experiences. Quarterly Connects, Monthly ExperienceVoice — the real-time, collaborative feedback improves employees’ productivity.

Digital Dexterity

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech environment, every employee must have the ability and desire to exploit existing and emerging technologies such as CRM, Automation tools for better business outcomes. Implementing digital dexterity at Virtuos is a top priority to succeed, to keep pace with a world that’s going digital.

Job Designing

This exercise involves assessing and then altering one or more of the core aspects of work. We carefully conduct “Workdaying” sessions, design employee’s job diagrams, and include a set of building blocks that an employee can reconfigure to create more engaging and fulfilling experiences at work.

Spectacular HR

Structure, Performance, Ethics, Culture, Trust, Alignment, Capability, Ubiquity, Learning, Agility, and The transparent and open policy framework defines how we work and how each employee is required to perform for the success of our customers.


Once the Virtuosoship Basic foundation is achieved, every employee will be continuously participating in the organization of our building blocks. The following framework defines how Virtuos will be designing its structure, Incentive structure, building competencies using Agnitor and other networks.The teams will have their identities, structures following agile methods to drive innovation.
All Agile Strategy Diagram


Meticulously planned Employee Dexterity Program — the Virtuosoship is for the success of our employees and our customers.At Virtuos, every customer is a Virtuoso hero. Every Employee is donning “Virtuosoship.”