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Customer data, Digital experience, and Personalization Makes Experience Cloud

The Hero.

Experience Cloud

What is Experience Cloud?

Virtuos Experience Cloud is an integrated ecosystem of hubs, platforms and suites connected on a common thread to deliver personalized, superior and contextual experiences to customers, employees, and other constituents. It completely replaces siloed "x" clouds like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, etc. focussing on "experiences" instead of channels, departments, and functions.

It’s Single Cloud

No confusion about your engagement channels or departments you want to talk to. With Experience Cloud, you are in sync with whole company.

It’s All Experience

It focuses on delivering experiences harnessing omnicloud to make it easy for people to understand people better — eliminating the "strain."

It’s Digital Business

It is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds — creating new digital human ecosystems for doing good.

It’s futuristic

Gone are the days when you have to spend on marketing cloud or sales cloud which aren’t enough to capture the imagination of nextgen customers.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Virtuos Experience Cloud leverages Artificial Intelligence and Analytics to deliver highly personalized customer journeys.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Virtuos Experience Cloud is for customers who want brands to understand, know and personalize signature experiences.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Virtuos Experience Cloud is for employees who are the custodians of "experiences", and they want to be empowered to serve customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Virtuos Experience Cloud is for marketing that wants to tailor signature experiences for customers, employees, and other constituents.

Beyond Consumerization. A New Cloud.

Experience Cloud is built for Multi-channel, Multi-device, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) ecosystem with agile, event-driven architecture, microservices and RESTful APIs. Experience Cloud provides consistency without sacrificing functionality, and it’s designed for the future where a new ecosystem of platforms, hubs integrate as one "human ecosystem."

Maintain a 360-Degree View

Capture every interaction from every touchpoint. Maintain a customer master record and analytics to mine for trends and insights. Instill required and expected data privacy (The biggest priority for the 21st century customer) with higher standards of opt-in, opt-out.

Contextual Experiences

Target customers and Audience Segments with Contextual Experiences by building personalization foundation and data model to bridge process silos, and facilitate customer journeys. This will include all channels and connected departments.

Modern Cloud

Experience Cloud is contemporary and evolving cloud supporting modern web development such as MEAN technologies and JavaScript with the clear purpose to bridge silos at three key touchpoints: user experience, process, and data.

Experience Economy

This is Experience Economy

Transcend from selling products or services to experiences — because there are no things as Experience Businesses. There are only businesses whose experience components are greater or less than those other businesses. Everybody is in experience making.
Customer Experience

Is it a product or

Coffee beans as commodity is 1 to 2 cents, as goods 5 to 25 cents a cup, but experiences are sold at 2 to 5 dollars.

Experiences integration

Experiences must be integrated

Marketing, operations, HR, IT departments must be collaborated and integrated to serve the customer. CX is not collective.

Industry 4.0 Readiness

Industry 4.0 Readiness

Experience Economy (Exonomy) is part of Industry 4.0 vision seamlessly collaborating with other ecosystems and optimizing resources.

Customer Engagement Hub

Beyond Engagement

Experience Cloud goes one step further from Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) which will be implemented by 60% of large companies by 2020.

Experience Cloud is a brand new vision
at Virtuos Exonomy

We are building Aury — The AI based chatbot, Experience Cloud for digital,
and at Enforce, we are creating ExperienceJobs.
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It’s not Sales or Service Cloud. It’s EXPERIENCE CLOUD! Designed for delivering superior experiences to your customers, employees and other constituents. Contact us today to know more.

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