The Digital Century Business
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The Digital Century Business


Industrialization 4.0 + Globalization 4.0 = Business 4.0

Virtuos, The Digital Century Business

A business that is digital and born in the 21st century to last forever undergoing iterative corrections continuously. It is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds and by creating unique human ecosystems with the democratization of customer experience, marketing and sales from the custodians. It’s a complete balance of power shift from brands to customers.
Brands don’t belong to companies anymore — they belong to the people who choose to buy them.


We are a Company with a team that has the explicit mission to change the world — big change, big objectives, a brand-new system never done before. And we [the team is] are composed of the very best talent obtainable, role by role: a team of superstars. Born in the cloud and grew digital foraying into new terrains of Consultare business — CRM Digital Consulting; CX.Digital Transformation; Digital Operations; and Digital Workplace Transformation.On our Tenth Anniversary, we launched Exonomy Business to incubate and invest in new ideas. Ideas powered by our brand new vision — the Business 4.0

Virtuos is cloud native and digital immigrant. We are Virtuos Digital.

Why Virtuos

Our Vision is to...

Rid the world of bad experiences by creating Trusted Digital & Human Ecosystems for a better today and tomorrow.
Virtuos Vision

Our Values are...

Virtuos Mission

Our Mission is to...

Create Virtuoso talent that generates more creativity, more energy and the very best performance to
  • Help leading brands deliver superior customer and employee experience
  • Transform organizations worldwide with digital technologies and services
  • Impact the society positively conforming to the sustainable development goals of UNDP

Consultare Business

Enterprise Application Software; CRM/Customer Experience (CX) Consulting; Digital Transformation/Operations; and Digital Workplace/HR Technology Services.

Consultare Business
The Story of Virtuos

The Story of Virtuos

The company born in experience cloud, grew digital to become a top-notch Experience Consultancy foraying into new terrains of transformative businesses.

Exonomy Business

Incubation of next generation businesses in the Experience Economy (Exonomy) by Virtuoso teams that are catalysts for big change and breakthrough ideas.

Exonomy Business
Virtuos Leadership

Our Leadership

Venky Vijay - CEO Venky Vijay - CEO
Venky VijayCEO

The Experienceo

Venky Vijay is the founder and CEO of Virtuos Digital — The Experience Consultancy that transformed Customer Experience (CX) for more than 100+ leading brands worldwide. At Virtuos Digital, Venky is responsible for:

  • Setting standards of excellence that reflect high ideals and a sense of integrity
  • Striking a chord in people; motivating them by tapping their competitive drive
  • Lead Virtuos as "Experienceo" and live by the vision and mission every day


Compassion and equality increase employee loyalty and trust towards creating better tomorrow for everyone on this planet.


Virtuism is a new religion of compassion, and it adopts 1-2-3 Edge Model by contributing 1% of Company’s annual profits, 2% of its equity, and 3% of an employee-employer contribution of time. BeingV is another initiative to raise through merchandise and kindness.



One situation cannot be worse (or better) than another in any respect if there is no one for whom it is worse (or better) in any connection. We pay equal to both women and men. We don’t discriminate by sex, religion, creed, nationality, race, or disability.



The Absolute Priority View: when benefiting others, the worst-off individual (or individuals) is (or are) to be given absolute priority over the better off. Virtuoso guiding principles are about respecting individual preferences over consensus approaches or outcomes.

Customer Feedback
Amarinder Singh
Amarinder Singh - Director CRM Technology Services

I have been working at Virtuos Solutions for more than 10 years and this has been a wonderful journey. Joined as a fresher, learnt contemporary technologies and best business practices, dealt with the market leaders across the globe and become an expert in CX space. I am happy that I chose to stick to Virtuos for such a long time and have grown thus far.

Rachit Mathur
Rachit Mathur - Associate Director Digital Strategy

Working at Virtuos has been a kind of an enlightening experience where there is a sea of learning and one gets full opportunity to explore what lies in the sea and what lies within oneself. I have got the opportunity to learn various facets of Customer Experience management, transformation strategies and supporting technologies.

Divya Wilson
Divya Wilson - Asst. Manager Digital Content

I joined Virtuos as a content writer and worked my way up to my current designation as Asst. Manager Digital Content. The highly supportive company leadership and the culture of Virtuos allow tremendous advancement potential and work-life balance so that I can continue supporting my aspirational developments and my young family.

Thought Leadership