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The Everything Customer

From Low Expectations to Everything

  • Fulfillment and delivery
  • Days to 2 hours
  • Bank account opening
  • 1 hour to 5 minutes
  • Claims handling
  • Days to 3 seconds
  • Mortgage application
  • Days to 8 minutes
  • B2B procurement
  • Months to seconds
  • Banking fees
  • Monthly fee to free

The “Everything” Mindset Crosses
All Segmentation Boundaries

Everything Mindset



Everything Mindset


Household Purchaser

Everything Mindset

Gen Z

  • By 2022, 85% of customer service interactions will start with self-service, up from 48% today.

  • Customers Used Both Self-Service and Agent-Assisted

Customers Go Where You Let Them — Everywhere

Customer Journey Starting and Ending Channels

Customer Journey Starting and Ending Channels

Impact of Pandemic on Customer Concerns

March 3 - March 5

July 31 - August 7

Q: Think about the future potential developments around coronavirus. Which, if any, of the following are you most concerned about going forward?

"Free" Becomes the Norm
for Everything Customer

Free Shipping


of big box retailers offer some form of free shipping

Free Financing


of big box retailers offer some form of free shipping

Digital Giants Are a Factor — Choose Your Strategy

Exclusive Digital
Giant Offering

Only available at Amazon

Hybrid Channel
Digital Giant/DTC

Direct to consumer, limited retail and Amazon

Digital Giant

No longer an Amazon wholesaler

How Will We Meet Needs of Everything Customer?

How Do We Serve Them?

We segment customers

...but address needs of biggest segments only


We address all segments

...collectively we are addressing an everything customer base


We no longer segment

...we provide everything and customers self-segment

Providing "Free" Sometimes Requires
Multisided Platform Business Models

Linear Value Chain Model

Linear Value Chain Model

Platform Business Model

Platform Business Model