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Rainbow CX

Transcend Omnichannel Thinking and Embrace Multiexperience for Improved CX.

Rainbow CX

Rainbow for Multi-Experience

Technologies for Multi-Experience (MX) based Customer Journeys. Cross-channel and Omnichannel approaches have been around for a long time, yet most organizations have not delivered on its promise of seamless and a unified customer experience. It’s time for brands to embrace MultiX for creating signature CX across digital touchpoints and interaction sets.
Rainbow CX Practice at Virtuos delivers a few dozens of technologies that are stitched together to offer CX Continuum, support channel-agnostic design, deliver seamless integration and drive CX Innovations.
The traditional channels of engagements are not aligned with the dynamic and transient Customer Journeys. Organizations need to shift Investments away from traditional channels and channel-focused teams.
Rainbow CX helps organizations in designing new Multi-Experience (MX) Journeys for customers using Mesh App and Service Architecture (MASA) - the fundamental architectural capabilities that enable the implementation of CX Strategy.

Rainbow MX Technologies Stack

Modern MX (part of CX Ecosystem) should support the trend of headless, API-centric systems such as commerce and content management platforms. New multi grained services can also be built to fill in the gaps of existing CRM, marketing, and commerce capabilities. The C-Suite leaders must implement MASA to effectively support the growing number of fit-for-purpose app experiences for different customers, and even employees, working with different types of devices, touchpoints, and modalities.
The scope of Multi-Experience (MX) is constantly changing as the organizational processes change and usually delivered across five and more areas.
Touch MX

Touch MX

Sensory models such as touch (haptic feedback), Workplace technologies, Airports, Hospitality, and Retail showrooms with AR, VR, and IOT support touch for MX.

Gestures MX

Gestures MX

Gesture control, Gesture recognition or handheld controllers provide hand and body tracking. Digital wearables such as rings, Employee ID badges support gestures.

Chat MX

Chat MX

Chat with touch and gestures, integrated Knowledge base and AI support the modern applications involving MX. Chatbots also deliver humanized Multi-Experience.

Voice MX

Voice MX

Signals from voice and expression to gesture and touch are tracked. Voice MX includes the tone, intensity, and pitch denote the expression and intent of interactions.

Vision MX

Vision MX

Advanced cameras using augmented AI, machine vision, OCR, image recognition, pattern recognition, facial recognition, edge detection and motion detection.

Other MX

Other MX

Sensory channels will support advanced capabilities such as emotion detection through facial expression analysis and human health status through olfactory (smell) analysis.

Rainbow for connected CX and EX

The cohesive and seamless connection between Employees and Customers. Employee experience (EX) can negatively influence operational performance and customer experience (CX) when employees are not personally invested in their jobs and organization. Rarely do we hear of omnichannel thinking being applied to help employees, other than funneling customer interactions to contact center employees.
CX and EX

Rainbow CX by Project

CXNow Transformation involves dozens of CX Technologies for various disciplines of Experience Continuum. Typically these projects include reconfiguring customer processes, creating a single view of the customer or developing CXM strategy with a view of creating "Multi-Experience Organization". From our experience and Gartner’s research, we offer seven types of CX Projects that are prevalent.
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  • 5-7


1Listen, Think, Do

  • Collect Feedback
  • Multichannel collection
  • Real-time alerts and actions
  • -
  • Analyze Opinion
  • Value analysis
  • Market research
  • Segmentation Propensity modeling
  • Start a Conversation
  • Expectations setting
  • Capturing intent
  • Manage dialogue

2From Out to In

  • Find Moments of Truth
  • Process modeling
  • Identify the weakest link
  • Automate and escalate
  • Redesign Processes
  • Quality controls
  • Trading efficiency and experience
  • Segmentation Propensity modeling
  • Adapt in Real Time
  • Real-time rerouting
  • Analytical-driven process decisions
  • -

3Act as One

  • Achieve Consistent Experiences
  • Single view of customer
  • Recognition
  • -
  • Share Answers
  • Knowledge management
  • Skills inventory
  • Better search
  • Multichannel Availability
  • Multichannel integration
  • Device-independent interaction
  • -

4Open Up

  • More Accessible
  • Self-service
  • Track for customer
  • Add channels
  • Demonstrate Trust
  • Honor privacy
  • Share data
  • Use only what you need
  • Encourage Participation
  • Review and comparison
  • Communities
  • Social networks

5Get Personal

  • Personalize Products
  • Configure to order
  • Mass customization
  • New product development
  • Customize Offers
  • Bundling product/service
  • Personal pricing
  • -
  • Stripped-Down Simplification
  • One size fits all
  • Standardization and scale
  • -

6Alter Attitudes

  • Empower Employees
  • Education and training
  • Cultural values
  • Ownership of the experience
  • Recruit Differently
  • Profiling the personalities
  • Balance teams
  • Recruit to brand
  • Make Clear the Responsibility
  • Governance and policing
  • Responsibility
  • Compensation and contracts

7Design Better

  • Have a Strategy
  • Executive enlightening
  • Ideal and real experiences
  • Program and project plans
  • Brand Execution
  • Values and promise
  • Reputation
  • Communication
  • Design the Experience
  • Benchmark usability and empathy
  • Digital design cool
  • -

Source: Gartner

Rainbow CX
Rainbow CX
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Rainbow CX Technologies Stack

Rainbow CX is all about delivering exemplary multi-experience by working on the vision of Organization 360 and Customer 360 with the help of technologies such as accelerators, tools, and extensions; frameworks; and industry leading integrations from our Relationware domain practice.
CRM and CX Portfolio

CRM and CX Portfolio

CRM/CX Technologies and their functionality falls into five main categories: sales, marketing, customer service, field service, and e-commerce, as well as several cross-CRM applications.

CX Cookbook by Rainbow

CX Cookbook by Rainbow

Customers look for quick fixes to manage CX Continuum by searching for accelerators, integrations, apps, connectors, and other elements from a variety of sources. Rainbow presents CX CookBook on how to do it quickly.

Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation

Ensure executive alignment with how process automation supports a common strategic vision of an organization. Vivacis portfolio includes RPA, CLM, CPQ, Quote-to-Cash, DPA, and ERP Stack.

Rainbow FreshCX

Rainbow FreshCX

Startups and SMB needs a fresh start for delivering CX on shoe-string budgets. FreshCX is a portfolio of few niche and cool CRM technologies handpicked from the most innovative companies.


Rainbow CX is a collection of smart technologies for CX Continuum. Chief Product Officers and Other C-Suite love what we are doing to aggrandize and enrich your CX. Contact Us

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