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INDICIAL — The CX and Digital Maturity

Integrated Customer experience and Digital Transformation (CX.Digital Practice) is a discipline that requires an ongoing focus. CX and Digital leaders (CCO, CMO, CDO, CIO) can leverage from well-integrated Virtuos Indicial CX.Digital management maturity model to gauge their organization's CX management maturity, digital transformation maturity and then use that baseline to plan future improvements.
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Executive Connect

Executive Connect

Meet the key stakeholders to introduce CX Primer and its objectives and more substantial impact of CX in several connected departments — sales, marketing, service, production, HR, etc.

Technology Audit

Presenting concepts

Presenting some of the most modern CX best practices from case studies and how some of these successful companies embarked on CX Innovation.

CX Planning Session

Socializing CX

Executive connect to define the concepts around CX and benefits of increasing CX maturity, together with the potential business outcomes from digital transformation.



Working towards building the vision of what the organization's "future state" CXM capabilities should look like, and what strategies they should adopt to integrated CX with Digital.

Current state of CX

Current state of CX

Discovering the current state of CX and Digital maturity and their execution capabilities, comparing them with best practices — some of them from real case studies, and research.

Platform Indicial

Platform Indicial

Offering easily configurable Platform for assessing CX.Digital maturity (CX Index, CX Ratio) in real time, and also ascertain the cost, risk or opportunity costs.

CX Audit

CX Audit Sample

We pick up samples using multi-channel audits to identify some of the grey areas in CX continuum. We also evaluate current customer engagement processes at departments.

Technology Audit

Technology Audit

We evaluate the current ecosystems of CX and help clients in identifying the right technologies to integrate disparate processes across departments for CX.Digital maturity.

CX Planning Session

CX Planning Session

Discussing and prioritizing (from achieved CX Audit results) and make definite stepwise improvements to integrate, measure, and perform CX.Digital Maturity.

Our CX.Digital Maturity is powered by leading research and Industry best practices.


Indicial CX Roadmap

As illustrated (See left) using Gartner’s CXM Maturity model, we offer an exhaustive CX.Digital roadmap to ensure success for our customers. The CX.Digital maturity model has five levels of increasing maturity:

  • Level 1. Initial and mostly Ad Hoc
  • Level 2. Developing and Establishing
  • Level 3. Defined and Performing
  • Level 4. Managed for Optimization
  • Level 5. Embedded for Transformation


Customer experience (CX) management maturity model defines five levels of increasing maturity mapped below on nine dimensions. Most large organizations are at Level 1 or Level 2 maturity, with a view to achieving Level 3 (see the graph above). At Virtuos, we engage with the executive team to assess and discover the state of Customer Experience (also known as CXOpia) by conducting CX Primer.
Initial (Ad Hoc)

Initial (Ad Hoc)

Purpose Purpose No CX Mission or Purpose; Individual efforts; No business sponsorship; short term profit motives.
Strategy Strategy No CX Strategy; CX is viewed as Customer Service; Firefighting to handle complaints - mostly reactive.
Roles and Goverance Roles and Governance No CX leadership or team. No governance model for CX; Decisions are bottom up and departmental.
People and Org. Change People and Org. Change Poor structure; no team goals; everyone is attending to complaints; poor customer-centric culture.
Customer Voice Customer Voice Sporadic or annual surveys; Lack of common customer data; Heavy reliance on anecdotal feedback.
Customer Insight Customer Insight No research team; Gut based decision making; Reliance on external sources of data or perceptions.
Metrics Metrics Multiple CX metrics with high variance used by each department; lack of freshness in the data.
Persona and Journeys Persona and Journeys No development of personas; No outside-in view; Customer Journeys not mapped.
Technology Technology Siloed systems - mostly basic CRM or System of Records; Focus on UX or Web; No tools for CX
Developing and Establishing

Developing and Establishing

Purpose Purpose CX Purpose to Improve CSAT and better NPS over the competition; CX is still not a competitive arsenal.
Strategy Strategy CX roadmap is drawn; Identifying and using capabilities internally; Investment choices are flawed.
Roles and Goverance Roles and Governance CX leadership with team exists; Internal CX technologies are inventoried; Wavering CX focus.
People and Org. Change People and Org. Change Employees are not customer obsessed. Focus is on Service goals; CX is not deeply ingrained.
Customer Voice Customer Voice VOC technologies used; Inconsistency in executing VOC; Loosely coupled VOC; No VOC Program.
Customer Insight Customer Insight Dedicated team for CX insights; Ad hoc research and testing; Limited sharing of insights internally.
Metrics Metrics CX Dashboard with key metrics exists; No linkage of Operational/financial metrics to CX metrics.
Persona and Journeys Persona and Journeys Personas developed on some data; lacks fresh customer data - mostly perceptible; Presumed MOT.
Technology Technology CX technologies planned or identified; Investments in Service design; IT budgets not influenced by CX.
Defined and Performing

Defined and Performing

Purpose Purpose CX Purpose to correlate CX with Operational efficiency; No exec sponsor, but departmental buy-in.
Strategy Strategy CX priority with process to seek investments; Partly compete on superior CX; Unified CX Strategy.
Roles and Goverance Roles and Governance Core and Permanent CX Team; CX has budgets for teams; CX Leader is partly collaborative internally.
People and Org. Change People and Org. Change CX Training is regular; CX is deeply ingrained; CX Jobs in multiple departments; CX is in discussions.
Customer Voice Customer Voice Effective VOC governance. Direct and Indirect feedback in loop; Multi-stage/journey feedback captured.
Customer Insight Customer Insight Continuous and iterative CX insights; rich Customer/Employee Insights; high reliance on CX Insights.
Metrics Metrics Contextual and relevant CX Metrics; Alignment of departmental metrics with CX Metrics; Accountability.
Persona and Journeys Persona and Journeys Qualitative and Quantitative personas; Personal driven Journey prioritizes CX; Limited effectiveness.
Technology Technology New Technologies for high CX Impact; Integrations and Single view of customer; Omni-channel Tech.
Managed for Optimization

Managed for Optimization

Purpose Purpose Executive sponsor for unified CX vision; Link CX for financial goals and vital business goals.
Strategy Strategy CX goals have more capability; CX and Innovation efforts in sync; CX is measurable for brand equity.
Roles and Goverance Roles and Governance Unified set of practices, tools and processes, and design; cross functional CX budgeting and execution.
People and Org. Change People and Org. Change CX Program in place to attract, train CX talent; Incentives tied to CX Improvement; CX is part of KPIs.
Customer Voice Customer Voice Operationalized VOC; Closed-loop C- feedback; Advanced analytics; Embedded real-time into CRM.
Customer Insight Customer Insight All test participants are customers; Customer Insight fuels CX and co-creates new products; Budgets.
Metrics Metrics A hierarchy of linked CX metrics; Operational and quality metrics are being correlated with CX metrics.
Persona and Journeys Persona and Journeys Wider set of data driven personas; Expansive journey maps and Journey Analytics for CX continuum.
Technology Technology Integration of technologies to join up the customer journey; IT budgets are influenced by enhanced CX.
Embedded for Transformation

Embedded for Transformation

Purpose Purpose All stakeholders buy-in for CX; Manage CX with the same rigour used to manage profit; CX is the Brand.
Strategy Strategy Innovative and unique CX goals and capabilities are being created; Leading Industries with Signature CX.
Roles and Goverance Roles and Governance Center of CX Excellence driving innovation; EX is fuelling CX; CX is embedded as DNA of Organization.
People and Org. Change People and Org. Change Employee retention is tied to CX growth; CX performance is rewarded at par with financial performance.
Customer Voice Customer Voice VOC is continuous; Causality between voice of employee and VoC data is established and acted upon.
Customer Insight Customer Insight Research and testing is the DNA; Enterprise wide insights to improve majority of products and services.
Metrics Metrics CX metrics are infused in day-to-day operational management and long-term investment plans.
Persona and Journeys Persona and Journeys Personas and Journeys influence customer facing processes; Top-level, outsidein journey maps used.
Technology Technology IT is a key source of knowledge of the innovative technology; CX is highly influencing IT Investments.