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The Expertise Crowd

Agnitor means a talented Person who recognizes, understands, and perceives the opportunities.


Agnitor delivers value in harnessing the power of global talent, shared services, and expertise across the domains. Agnitor is born to take the advantages of crowdsourcing — including the ability to tap into a global talent pool, connect with global experts, and infuse innovation into delivery. Agnitor has three engagement models for crowdsourcing the talent that’s often unexplored, invisible, or unexploited. The vision of the Agnitor is to help the organizations identify the highest levels of experts, masterminds, and connoisseurs; harness their skills, knowledge, and experience; and engage with them for transforming customers’ digital business.

Agnitor is a network of elite experts aka "Virtuoso ninja" helping businesses worldwide and solving their challenges. There are two engagement models of Agnitor Crowdsourcing:

Expertise As A Service

Agnitor has independent experts on the panel — mostly crowdsourced using a stringent Agnitor framework of onboarding by clearly defining and articulating the goals, conducting thorough background checks on potential problems with quality, security, integration, and support.

Expertise As A Service
Expertise As Your Resource

Expertise As Your Resource

Independent consultants, technology, and management experts, global practitioners can sign into Agnitor network as an expert resource with their availability cycles. Organizations with an additional or untapped inventory of their talent can also sponsor their in-house experts to join the Agnitor network.

Agnitor addresses three sourcing challenges

CEOs face pressure from clients, stakeholders, and venture capital firms to lower the cost of operating. Increased pressure to differentiate and compete in the marketplace, CEOs adopt different strategies — optimizing resources and innovate solutions quickly. Direct hiring and staff augmentation seem to be a quick solution to address the speed of innovation, but the activities take time and drive costs, often exceeding the budgets. Not to mention the typical hiring costs from screening, recruiting, onboarding, and monitoring the performance.
Difficulty Hiring Talent Icon

Difficulty Hiring Talent

Inability to find enough IT resources with in-depth domain knowledge, skills, and experience; massive shortage of talent in geography for a particular budget; lower reliability of people accepting the offer and joining the company on time as committed.

High Personnel Costs Icon

High Personnel Costs

Resource constraints and increased high personnel costs; Ongoing demand and supply in the talent market are forcing organizations to hire more; Lower productivity and increased training/transition costs; Inability to plan and forecast new business and Staff alignment.

Lack of Innovation Icon

Lack of Innovation

Increasing and encouraging innovative solutions; organizations don’t have time or money to innovate in new market areas; championing open innovation from the crowd — the large pool of community talent; crowdsourcing ideas beyond borders.


"Crowdsourcing has proven advantageous for generating creative ideas, achieving scientific breakthroughs, and raising awareness or pooling knowledge among key stakeholder groups." — Gartner

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A mounting body of research on the performance of crowdsourcing systems has shown significant gains for organizations in terms of speed, quality, and quantity. Agnitor offers end-to-end assistance in scoping a problem, preparing it for an elite crowd, providing legal support around issues such as intellectual property, instituting quality controls, and receiving solutions from the crowd. The Crowdsourcing now is a mature and tested concept. Agnitor Crowd Consultants advise the clients with few recommendations and best practices before embarking on this journey.
Identify Problems Icon

Identify Problems

Virtuos Agnitor Consultants can find problems that are better solved by the crowd. Usually these problems involve nuances that are difficult to standardize or automate, or they require specific skills that are unavailable or in scarcity.

Choose Approaches Icon

Choose Approaches

We help organizations in choosing an appropriate crowdsourcing approach. Understanding the contours of a given problem facing the IT environment leads to the selection of the right crowdsourcing approach.

Study the Crowd Icon

Study the Crowd

We work with the clients to study the crowd, learning the needs, desires, and expectations that can be accomplished through Agnitor Expertise Crowd (AEC) or any other crowds. Major activities include the designing of AEC workflow, and align resources.

Account for Risks Icon

Account for Risks

Any crowdsourcing can present significant pitfalls, including out-of-control monetary and labour costs, security vulnerabilities, and quality control issues. But with AEC, there are collateral benefits that come with well-executed Virtuos.PLUS project methodology.

At Virtuos Agnitor, our team is meticulous in designing crowdsourcing activities. The skeleton framework of an Agnitor Expertise Crowd (AEC) is flexible enough to tackle many problems in the Digital Transformation realm.


Agnitor is better suited to address some problem types through crowdsourcing over regular outsourcing. Generally, there are two types of problems that can be crowdsourced, and each problem type can be further divided into two crowdsourcing approaches based on the nature of the work to be done. The Decision tree below illustrates the four crowdsourcing approaches that align with different kinds of problems, divided between information management problems, and ideation problems.


Desicion Tree Diagram

The Knowledge Discovery and Management Approach

The Knowledge Discovery and Management (KDM) amplifies an organization’s ability to find and gather critical information into a single place by tasking the Agnitor Crowd with on-the-ground reconnaissance. For example Agnitor KDM Crowd works very well for generating Knowledge base and conducting audits within organizations.

Broadcast Search

Broadcast search is an ideation problem which is quite different from a management problem. An organization would turn to a broadcast search crowdsourcing approach if their internal R&D or Analytics teams are unable to find a solution for any Data Science or blockchain, AI / Machine Learning or most advanced challenges.

Distributed Human Intelligence Tasking

The Distributed Human Intelligence Tasking (DHIT) approach involves an organization using a crowd to assist in the analysis of a dataset that’s already in-hand and has been decomposed into smaller microtasks. For example tasks related to verification, cleaning, labeling or transformation of data (most commonly referred as Data Crowd).

Peer-Vetted Creative Production

The Peer-Vetted Creative Production (PVCP) will be used to provide both a creation solution to a given problem brief and as assessment of other ideas that have been submitted. The PVCP process allows crowds to have a say in creating and vetting ideas from which they will ultimately benefit. Examples include conducting a poll for a creative logo, advertising, etc.


Agnitor — the first of its kind crowdsourcing platform will be live with its beta very soon. At Virtuos, we are continuously progressing to use Agnitor as one of the key differentiators to help organizations access expert services and deliver increased value to their customers. Currently, we are accepting candidates who have proficiency in any of the following fields to be a member of Agnitor.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Customer Experience
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Management
  • Industry 4.0 Expertise
  • Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Startups
  • Media and Digital Marketing
  • Financial Re-Engineering
  • Business Continuity
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Connect with Us

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