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Customer Journey Mapping

consumer-cycle N e g o t i a t e I n s p i r e C r o s s s e l l BUYING CYCLE OWNING CYCLE Drop Review Review Abandon M a r k e t i n g S a l e s P a y m e n t S e e k i n f o r m a t i o n C o m p a r e A m p l i f y H a r v e s t D e l i v e r y W a r r a n t y L o y a l t y A d v o c a c y S e r v i c e 0 Interest 1 Need Research 2 Select 3 3 Purchase 4 Receive 5 Use / Consume 6 Maintain / Experience 7 Recommend 8 Buy Again 9

Customer Journey Mapping

There's a significant shift in customer engagement towards autonomous AI and human blended Customer Journey. CJourney, part of our flagship CXNow Transformation Program leverages AI conversational rich Self-Service Platforms and a mix of digital technologies to aggrandize the aspirations of the customer throughout the journey.

Start with "WHO"

Create Personas to Illuminate and Inform the Customer Experience by Using Data from Six Sources.


The basic structure of a population based on geography, income, level of education, and other standard descriptive attributes.



Your customers' values, opinions, interests, aspirations, attitudes, and lifestyles.



Participatory observation where insights are gleaned by watching subjects in their daily routines and capturing what isn't explicitly reported.



How your customers use and approach technology. This includes the use of digital mobile shifts.



Insights through a historical customer relationship, including first- and third party purchase histories and post-sale service records.



Data captured passively through engagement with websites, mobile devices and other media, content, and channels.

Identify "When"

Map Personas to Key Moments in the Customer Journey.
Journey Moments

Discover the journey moments, don’t’ prescribe. Identify pivotal moments during buy-own-advocate stages (see figure), where brands to need to understand the behaviors, preferences, media consumption habits, technology adoption patterns.

Work with Virtuos teams to create CX Primer workshop for detailed "day-in-the-life" routines of your audiences, and how you can begin designing a journey map that becomes the backbone of your CX architecture.

Take Inventory of "What"

Define the Stories, Services, and Experiences That Engage and Delight.


The information and content audiences desire in each specific step to make decisions, gain confidence, and engage with the brand in contextually relevant ways.



Capabilities designed to add convenience, reduce friction and elegantly fulfill needs.



How key moments are tightly orchestrated over the longer arc of engagement to drive loyalty and advocacy.

Map customer personas to moments to create a CX inventory that becomes the work plan for your CX Strategy — the collection of investments you'll consider, justify, and prioritize as part of your CX transformation. Identify problem areas through CX Primer session, and fix few of the urgent and pressing issues for quick gains to show ROI on your investments to stakeholders.

How to apply Digital Humanism To CX Design?

Solve for the "How"

Identify Data, People, Processes, and Analytics to Enable and Optimize Experiences
Optimize Experiences

Once you've defined the what, you need to address the how, start mapping the stories, services, and experiences you've designed during the CX Primer Workshop (See the previous step). Take the help of CX Prism Design Thinking techniques and our I.D.E.A framework to orchestrate paths to disrupt, and think differently — this could be a consideration of digital channels or traditional touchpoints such as call center or retail point of sale (POS).

Our CJourney Framework provides a composite view of CX strategists, Marketers, and Experience Designers, Industry experts, and learnings from Hackathon X from millennials to offer a cross-functional view of CXOpia — the state of customer experience.

Next Steps in Customer Journey

Top recommendations for creating customer journey mapping.
Conduct CX Aware Session

Conduct "CX Aware" Session

Invite cross-functional teams from Product, Marketing, Operations, Service departments to conduct CX Primer session followed by CX Audit to discover grey areas that need attention.

Measure CX.Digital Maturity using Indicial

Continuously Measure and Revalidate

Optimize initial Experience Design assumptions by taking CX as a Program — not a project. If required consult with Virtuos teams to measure CX.Digital Maturity using Indicial.