Virtuos CXDesk Management

Application leaders are struggling to manage an increasingly complex landscape of CRM/CX applications, components, services, data, upgrades, releases, and APIs across a wide range of platforms and ecosystems, including:
Virtuos CXDesk Management
  • CRM Software nearing the end of their support life — for example, older version that’s running for over two years.

  • CRM business applications reaching the limits of their business value, or in need of an expensive upgrade that seems unlikely to make a return on the required investment

  • Business needs constant tweaking of application stack; workflows; functionality; or user privileges; and other performance analysis.

  • Legacy core applications supported by aging teams of developers with hard-to-find skills.

  • Line-of-business applications (including SaaS) bought or built by "shadow IT," but turned over to the application group for ongoing support and maintenance.

  • Technology teams need to fix gaps in the existing system to support new requirements of the business.

CXDesk Management
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CXDesk is a diverse, multi-functional approach to optimize CRM investments through technology upgrades, continuous improvement, and integration delivering operational excellence and reduced TCO.
What is CXDesk

What is CX Desk?

It’s a blended, multi-talent, and hybrid CX technology management service optimized for delivering superior, continuous performance expected from CRM and Customer Experience Infrastructure. CXDesk is available with two delivery options.

CXDesk Annual

CXDesk Annual

CXDesk Annual plan delivers uninterrupted, continuous hybrid CX Technology Management Services that support business and operations in a defined and scoped program. Clients can choose from multiple methods CXDesk Configurator.

CXDesk Subscription

CXDesk Subscription

CXDesk Subscription covers pre-purchased hours of various suitable plans receiving timely services to support business and technology operations. Clients can always switch to Annual program once they see value in the optimization services.

CXDESK for Total Peace of Mind by preventingCRM Implementation failures and lower user adoption.
Sprints and SCRUM

Sprints and

Tweak your existing CRM setup on a continuous basis with small sprints and agile project implementations. CXDesk is the most cost-effective model for delivering continuous improvement in CRM technologies while meeting your dynamic business needs. A new process, a new integration or customization needs blended technical expertise without going overboard with your budgets.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level
Agreements (SLA)

Well established governance model with a written SLAs after gathering data on the current level of support for each of the defined services.

Availability and response times: We guarantee 99% to 99.99% uptime on our availability and Turn Around Times (TAT).

Corrective Maintenance and Severity (S) Levels: Less than four hours for S1, 24 hours for S2 and two business days for S3.

Package or Technical Upgrades

Package or Technical Upgrades

We plan set of activities in order to keep a given package within its service requirements (the current release number minus 2, for example), or pool blended resources needed to support underlying technical upgrades. These resources will work on priority against projects submitted by "the business” to avoid delays in upgrades. This will also improve the user adoption reducing operational bottlenecks.

Small Enhancements

Small Enhancements

CXDesk carries out minor enhancement work such as "change requests" (CRs) or "service requests" (SRs) and is generally capped by how long they take, or a predetermined cost limit. These limits vary widely by organization. Smaller organizations may look at these activities as anything under 100 hours (or equivalent cost). For a large organization, it may be 200 hours. Anything over 200 hours is a "project" and shall be treated as such.

Business Support

Business Support

This is a significant component of the overall maintenance and support cost (for a breakdown of costs, please contact your account rep). Business support is the help provided for users and business units and helps with application operation work (such as responding to user calls or emails) on use of application functions, and consulting to users and business units.

Totality of Services

Totality of Services

These are provided by blended pool of talent at CXDesk. Some of the services may (directly) be provided by OEM or Other Third Party Provider. CXDesk primarily offers:

Software maintenance: Maintaining the package.

Application management: Technical and business function support services.

Application operations: Patches and work done to the underlying technology.

User adoption/Training: Users are trained to increase CRM adoption levels.

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