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CX Pyramid

CX Is An Inverted Pyramid

CX Pyramid

CX Is Today an Inverted Pyramid

Leading brands use a different mindset and framework to find innovative approaches to differentiate their brands from the rest. In a recent survey by Gartner 81% of brands say they will mostly or completely compete on CX in two years, while 41% of the brands confirm that their CX efforts exceeded management’s expectations and 22% by customers’ expectations. Virtuos consultants help brands to establish the base before defining CX Pyramid with a set of KPIs that will impact the brand equity and financial outcomes.
"Our CXNow Customer Experience (CX) Program delivers value by identifying powerful opportunities in Customer Journeys" - Virtuos ExperienCEO.
CX is an Inverted Pyramid
Source: Gartner
Despite years of effort and investment, many customer experience (CX) programs are still failing to deliver value. CXNOW is different.
CXNow is Different
CXNow is Different
Too many CX programs are playing Whac-a-Mole, focused on chasing after, and fixing existing problems. CXNOW is different.

Bring CX Into Balance in Multiple Ways

Brands should balance internal demands with external focus. Business goals are centered around increasing profits, market share, and higher customer satisfaction while customer expectations have hit high expectations. 76% of Customers want brands to understand them better and not treat them like a number as per the survey by Salesforce. Brands that seek stronger customer relationships must balance business and customer goals, measures, and strategies.
CX into Balance in multiple ways

CX Pyramid is a Framework

CX Pyramid categorizes experiences based on how they are triggered.
CX Pyramid is a Framework
Each level of the CX Pyramid delivers stronger benefits to both the customer and the brand, and each successively demand more — be it research, customer understanding, personas, success measures, and investments (As tabulated above).
  • Communication
  • Responsive
  • Commitment
  • Proactive
  • Evolution


The right content is provided at the right time in the right channel.

Customer Benefits

Provides information customers seek and supports self-service.

Brand Benefits

Improves engagement, lifts search engine visibility and reduces call volume.

CX Considerations

Depending on customer and need, content alone can provide medicore experiences, leaving the onus on customers to consume, understand, use, and act on information.


When customers require assistance, respond efficiently, quickly, and at minimal costs.

Customer Benefits

Provides responsive and expedient answers when needed.

Brand Benefits

Minimizes staffing, improves efficiency, and delivers short-term margin gains.

CX Considerations

Provides experiences that can dissatisfy customers and fail to differentiate the brand from competitiors.


When customers require assistance, not only respond to their question, but also resolve their entire needs.

Customer Benefits

Provides responsive experiences that attends not only to customers' functional needs, but also to their emotional needs.

Brand Benefits

Conveys brand's commitment to customers through strong, differentiating experiences.

CX Considerations

Requires you recognize customer needs, commit resources to resolve those need, and measure impact to both the brand and the customer.


Recognize current customer needs and act to resolve them before the customer requires assistance.

Customer Benefits

Provides reliable products and services that protect customers, noticeably exceed expectations and are easy to use.

Brand Benefits

Changes the way customers think of the brand vis-a-vis the competition, delivering strong satisfaction, loyality, and advocacy.

CX Considerations

Demands you know the customer better than the competition, can identify unmet needs and invest to resolve those needs that drive the greatest value for customer and brand.


Recognize current trends, identify future customer and needs, and act with powerful and proactive solutions that reset customer expectations of the category.

Customer Benefits

Provides products and services that change the way customers think about themselves and help them to see the brand as a partner in their success.

Brand Benefits

Creates strong, lasting bonds that drive strong retention, scalable word of mouth and higher margins.

CX Considerations

Requires you to create a sound customer-oriented vision of the future, work to minimize risk in innovation and measure novel solutions in a phased approach focused on long-term outcomes.

CX Pyramid enables Customer Journey

Customers can use the CX pyramid as a filter to review their customers' touchpoints and experiences throughout the journeys (see Customer Journey section) to gauge what sort of experiences your brand provides. Evaluate at each state of Buy, Own and Advocate to seek the perceptible value of your brand by the customer — Is it merely providing information or maximizing efficiency?; Is it driving satisfaction, loyalty or word of mouth.
CX Pyramid Customer Journey
Source: Gartner
Consider what sort of brand experiences you provide to customers, and use your data, research and insight to identify opportunities to move higher in the pyramid.

Acquire data and insight

Understand unmet wants and needs, not just current perceptions.

Insight icon

Expand your vision

Consider needs and opportunities that are before, after or adjacent to your journey — and in the near future.

Vision icon

Align to organizational strategies

Seek innovations that not only meet customer needs but fit existing brand goals.
Pilot, test, repeat!

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Jeff Bezos

"At Amazon, we like things to work in five to seven years. We’re willing to plant seeds, let them grow — and we’re very stubborn. We say we’re stubborn on vision and flexible on details."

— Jeff Bezos
Adoption Triangle

Innovative Experiences Start With Engagement and Adoption

  • Active users such as MAUs
  • New users/User growth
  • Repeat visits/uses
  • Depth or length of engagement
  • Installs
Financial Triangle

Great Experiences Drive Great Financial Results

  • Frequency/AOV/Spend
  • Cross-Sell
  • Referrals
  • Cost Savings
  • Margin
Perception Triangle

Experiences Change Customer Perception of the Brand

  • Satisfaction
  • Improved brand perception
  • Trust
  • Perceived loyalty to the brand
  • Willingness to recommend
  • Openness to new products


Assess your user insight to ensure you are gaining insight to customer wants, needs and expectations, not just their perception of your existing processes.
Complete your customer journey maps with an eye toward pushing experiences near the top of the CX pyramid at key touchpoints.
Measure across all three categories — adoption, perception and financial — for innovative experiences near the top of the pyramid.