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Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace Program

Your Digital Workplace Program Will Be Tested Throughout Every Phase of Its Life Cycle

From initial envisioning... ongoing operation

Digital Workplace Metrics
WhyMetrics Tell Your Digital Workplace Story

Connect the Digital Workplace to Business Priorities

Demand Management Market Responsiveness
Target Market Index Market Coverage Index Market Share Index Opportunity/Threat Index
Product Portfolio Index Channel Profitability Index Configurability Index  
Sales Effectiveness Sales Opportunity Index Sales Cycle Index Sales Close Index Sales Price Index
Cost of Sales Index Forecast Accuracy Customer Retention Index  
Product Development Effectiveness New Products Index Feature Function Index Time-to-Market Index R&D Success Index
Supply Management Customer Responsiveness On-Time Delivery Order Fill Rate Material Quality Service Accuracy
Service Performance Customer Care Performance Agreement Effectiveness Transformation Ratio
Supplier Effectiveness Supplier On-Time Delivery Supplier Order Fill Rate Supplier Material Quality Supplier Service Accuracy
Supplier Service Performance Supplier Care Performance Supplier Agreement Effectiveness Supplier Transformation Ratio
Operational Efficiency Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time Conversion Cost Asset Utilization Sigma Value
Support Services Human Resources Responsiveness Recruitment Effectiveness Index Benefits Administration Index Skills Inventory Index Employee Training Index
HR Advisory Index HR Total Cost Index    
  • Boost Individual Performance
  • Promote Creativity and Innovation
  • Attract and Retain Talent

Use Digital Workplace Metrics

Use Digital Workplace Metrics as a Catalyst to Partner With Other Corporate Functions That Drive the Employee Experience

Digital Workplace Metrics

  • Employee Attract/Retain Measures
  • Employee Onboarding Measures
  • Workforce Skill/Competency Measures
  • Process Measures
  • Customer Satisfaction Measures
  • Technology Adoption and Utilization Measures
  • Employee Satisfaction With IT Organization
  • Business Metrics
  • HR Metrics
  • IT Metrics
IT and HR Data Screenshot
Mashup IT and HR data
Demonstrate That IT Possesses Magical Powers
Categories Correspond to Digital Workplace
HowCategories Correspond to Digital Workplace

Evolve From Inside-Out to Outside-In Metrics

Evolve Within a Metrics Maturity Framework

Phase 1


"Do Your
Phase 2

Measurement for Performance

"Setting Targets"
Phase 3

Measurement for Comparison

"Who’s Better?"
Phase 3

Measurement for Prediction

"What’s Ahead?"
Phase 5

Measurement for

"New Opportunities"

Measuring Pillars

Digital Workplace Scorecard Sample is available to download Download
Digital Workplace Scorecard PDF

Your Action Plan

Next Morning

  • Assess the metrics you currently use to tell your story. Be brutally honest about what it says about you

Next 90 Days

  • Find the "magic" IT metrics you have under your nose
  • Collect metrics from HR, real estate, and the business
  • Assemble and package into a digital workplace balanced scorecard

Next 12 Months

  • Govern key decisions by their impact on the scorecard
  • Evolve the metrics as you evolve your digital workplace program
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