State of the art gifting experience commerce platform for X,Y, and Z generations

It was not a natural choice for Giftcart, a startup company, to go for its parent company to implement the Magento platform. Before considering with Virtuos, Giftcart was scouting for partners to provide them a multi-brand site on Magento. Having been frustrated with more than three months, they relied on Virtuos Commerce and Experience Design DNA to craft a strategy that includes the development of Commerce Platform on Magento, managing hosting, and security to setting up Merchant accounts. The e-gifting experiences company needed to start with Magento to reach its commerce goals. Among the list of items on their plate were exhaustive.

The requirement list was exhaustive, but some of them have been high-performance, intuitive, responsive, and mobile-ready design of the site. Giftcart needed a flexible platform that would allow development teams greater autonomy in making quick changes to the E-Commerce site when required. Agility was also a crucial issue as Giftcart employees and outsourced development were continually struggling to improve the speed. Most of the manually optimized techniques did not solve problems to make the site traverse faster.

Giftcart Development Strategy

Giftcart Management wanted to create a differentiated story in the most promising Gifting Experiences Industry. The following functionality would require significant changes to the selected Platform — Magento 2.0, which comes with robustness, scalability, extensions marketplace, and many out of the box features.

  • Giftwizard: A fun interactive way of engaging customers with the most well-matched gift options based on personality, gender, and budgets.
  • Recipient Management: Unlike traditional buy-sell-marketplace models, gifting platforms need to deliver elements of delight, surprise, along with the anonymity of the information such as price.
  • Vendor Management System (VMS): Giftcart needed VMS for marketplace commerce while carrying out their own in-house products. Ethnic, country, or state-specific products for every occasion and celebration required from a multitude of vendors.
  • Buyer Control Panel: Customers want to check on their loyalty points, the status of the shipment, downloadable invoices, warranty cards, etc.
  • Personalized Extension: Personalization of gifts, and creating "look and feel" even before they are shipped so that customers can view how their gift items (crafted from the assorted supplies, inhouse design, and other outsourced supplements) suit their requirements or their friends.
  • Customization: The platform must support Gift Boxes, Gift wraps, customized/Premium boxes, packaging, etc.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Giftcart wanted to dynamically manage their catalog as it has thousands of marketplace vendors with their products.
  • Inventory extension: Giftcart needed an Inventory extension for Magento to manage products in the warehouse using barcode and track products in its vendors' warehouses.
  • Social Channels: All social channels, including Youtube, are supported on the Magento Platform.

Virtuos Experience Design

Virtuos has built the complete Commerce Platform for Giftcart by assembling technologies from over a dozen critical players in this space. Hosted on Google Cloud, serves thousands of customers worldwide by carrying out several thousand products from hundreds of Brands, Suppliers, and Marketplace Vendors. Virtuos’ UX Design Team also has custom-built templates suiting the Magento platform.

Virtuos has also built Progressive Web Apps (PWA) without opting for custom-built Apps that are highly restrictive in their design. Giftcart receives 60% of its traffic volume through native mobile browsers.

Virtuos has certified Magento 2.0+ Developers who can work with extensive extensions to create user experience that’s intuitive and engaging. Magento Practice is part of Virtuos.Dev Engineering.

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