Electronics Company Casestudy

About the Company

A leading global provider of better-life solutions with its established philosophy of entrepreneurial spirit, the company is not confined by the existing boundaries of home appliance. Rather, they relentlessly strive for innovations and changes, hoping to lead the future life styles and improve environment performance with all-new concepts, technologies, products, and services in our unique way.

The company initially only had one communication channel, the telephone, but expanded into eight, including Wechat, online chatting, E-mail, and other social media to provide better service. Virtuos helped them in this expansion.



Reduction in Turn-Around Time in responding to queries


Increased customer satisfaction level

Agent Training Time

Reduction in efforts spent on Agent Training

Modules Used

  • Incident Management
  • SLAs and Escalation Management
  • Guided Assistance for Agents
  • Knowledge Management
  • Social Listening and sentiment analysis
  • Social Customer Service
  • Competitor analysis on Social
  • Live Agent Assistance
  • Customer Portal
  • Surveys

Challenges faced by the Company

Improve customer service for Sales and Post Sales
Consistency of agent response to inquiries
Agent efficiency, activity rate per employee, and considerable TAT
Capturing actionable feedback from customers
Consolidated single agent view of Customer activity
Ability for customers to self-serve inquiries

Virtuos Approach

Virtuos implemented Customer engagement management solution for the company for efficient management of various processes, with an aim to improve customer experiences. The solution implemented by Virtuos in effective monitoring of large volume of service requests and complaints from multiple channels including phone, emails, chats, and social channels. Keeping the business challenge of Agent training and efficiency in perspective, Virtuos implemented “Guided Assistance” feature which guides the agents step-by-step to achieve an outcome.

As a part of effective escalation mechanism, Virtuos integrated the solution with an SMS gateway, to send escalation notifications to relevant stakeholders on SMS for quick access. Virtuos leveraged the technology for providing an end-to-end social relationship management solution, thus extending the customer service to social channel. Robust social listening tools were implemented for customer sentiment and competitor analysis.

Comprehensive reports were also created for the organization to have a broad view of chat channel, with readily available reports like report for average percentage of Chat surveys initiated and completed, thus assisting in better performance tracking.

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