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Virtuos Employee Alumni Association gets new name —

Virtuos maintains the database of its past employees who have successfully transitioned out of the company completing all the Employment Exit formalities. We are very proud of our Alumnus who contributed to the success of Virtuos.

A Virtuos Employee Alumnus (VEA) is defined as any employee who successfully relieved from the job responsibilities of employment with Virtuos by completing all the Exit formalities. The Qualifying Criteria and benefits listed herein are for reference purpose only.



Virtuos Employee Alumnus shall continue to maintain each employee's Trustiest score in our records based on past performance & experience, current engagement with the company, and compliance with service agreement post employment.

Virtuos Alumni Network

Alumni Network

As part of our ever expanding Virtuos Alumni Association, former employees will be able to network with fellow members and seek insights from them. Virtuos also offers career guidance and answer employment verifications whenever alumni members need.

Virtuos Employee Alumnus

Virtuos Employee Alumnus

Former Employees with excellent record after having worked for six months will be eligible to join the Alumni Club after completing all the Employment EXIT formalities with the company. Usually Virtuos Alumnus is highly referenceable carrying a positive work experience record.


Virtuos Alumni members significantly gain from our ExperienceJob & Virtuosoship digital dexterity standards and broaden career opportunities worldwide.
Career Opportunities with Virtuos

Career Opportunities

Virtuos offers career opportunities available internally or externally through Talentare to eligible Alumnus from time to time. Career mentoring and guidance is also available on request.

Reference Check

Current and future employers of Alumnus can check employment records, verify the Trustiest score, and Alumni member's employment documents online. Virtuos Employee Alumni members will receive documents such as experience certificate and Job relieving letter with VEA symbol as watermark.

Reference Check
Reunion Meets

Reunion Meets

Virtuos invites its Alumni members on Reunion meets and select events organized or sponsored by the company and offers FREE passes or discounts on summit fees.

Employee Referral

An Alumnus can refer any qualified and skilled candidate for a career opportunity with Virtuos, and earn Employee Referral Fee as per the terms and conditions.

Employee Referral
Access to Resources

Access to Resources

Access is given to network of Alumni members, library of books, elearning material,, online courses, certifications, industry insights, Virtuosly Inhouse Magazine etc.


Eligible Alumnus can work part-time provided the work is non-competing with the current employer and get paid if they work as a freelancer in Virtuos Virtual Office (VVO).

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An Alumnus can participate in CSR/CSV activities by contributing to the society through our Virtuism 123 Edge program at individual capacity and gain recognition.

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