Employee Benefits & Perks


Virtuos offers awesome remuneration and additional benefits & perks to match the best in the industry.

We offer a distinctive working environment, challenging assignments, professional management, and ample opportunities to learn and execute the most demanding projects, and in turn, our employees are rewarded, and recognized.

We ensure great jobs, great life, and a great work-life balance. With multiple technologies, alliances of fame, domains, verticals, Virtual Offices, Geo-spread, and prestigious customer accounts, Virtuos can facilitate a meteoric rise in an employee's career. The consultants here work at various geographical levels- regions, nations, APAC, and international. You get to challenge your own limits.

Employees are an integral part of every success achieved by Virtuos, and the same gets reflected in the compensation and benefits structures of the organization, too. We help you make your dreams come true!

At Virtuos, Growth is in all aspects — It is incremental, lateral, vertical & exponential.
Paid Leaves


We offer up to 27 paid leaves depending on employee’s experience and designation. Besides we have several holidays on important festivals and occasions. Employees can avail of Congratulatory/Compassionate leaves(CCL), Restricted holidays (RH), Casual Leave (CL), and Sick Leave (SL) amongst others.

Time off for Vacation

Time off for

We provide seven days of paid (Both Saturday and Sunday included) leave for family vacation for employees who completed three years at Virtuos with consistent ABCDE factor of 60% or above. Those with ABCDE factor of 90% or above also rewarded with two-way fare up to one month’s salary or Rs. 50,000 whichever is lower.

Maternity/Paternity Benefits


Virtuos provides six months paid leave for those employees who go on maternity leave by fulfilling the required documentation. Such benefits are only available to employees who are not covered under Employee State Insurance. Seven days of Paternal Leave at a stretch and flexible working up to 7 more additional days as per the requirement is offered during the first year.

Keep Smiling Always

Besides career enriching experience, here are some of the benefits & perks that may be of interest whenever you need them.
Health and Life Insurance

Health and Life Insurance

Employees can opt for health and life insurance benefits. Medical benefits, as per statutory laws are provided against the submission of bills for the opted-in employees.

A Medical Fitness certificate from the Practicing physician is mandatory for working with Virtuos.

Employee Referral Fee

An Employee can refer a candidate as potential hiree and get paid while the referee works for a minimum of 180 days and becomes a confirmed employee.

Employee Referral Fee
Fun Days and Activities

Fun Days and Activities

On Fridays, we have fun activities Birthday celebrations, Learn & Share, Contests, etc. New Year and festive celebrations to several Weekend Trips in a year offer fun-filled activities.

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Interest FREE loans

Select X-Y-Z category of employees can opt for an interest-free loan payable in six to twelve months for buying SmartPhone or pursuing any pre-approved educational programs.

Interest FREE loans
Other Benefits

Other benefits

Gift allowances, festive gifts, Annual bonuses, Time off for volunteer programs, Group trips, Annual day time out, FY closure meets or celebrations, SMILES trips, international assignments amongst several others.

Rewards Performance

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Global Events

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