123 Edge LogoAt Virtuos Foundation, the 1-2-3 Edge is part of Virtuism’s Creating Shared Value (CSV) initiative to help the society with our bit of contribution. Inspired by Salesforce 1-1-1 Model and Pepsico’s Performance With Purpose, the 1-2-3 Edge is our promise to the world to make the planet a better place to live.


We contribute 1% of Profits (Profit Before Taxes) earned from the company every year to the 1-2-3 Edge Fund. We also enforce all group companies where Virtuos has more than 50% shareholding to follow 1-2-3 model. We earmark 0.0001% of revenue for those companies that do not report profits on their financial statements.

Equity in Virtuos


We earmark 2% of Equity in Virtuos to Virtuism 1-2-3 Edge Fund, and the cause will be supported by drawing yearly dividends. This initiative is subject to the approval of shareholders and directors from other companies that are controlled by Virtuos. All accrued benefits emanating from 2% equity will be passed to the 1-2-3 Edge.

Employee-Employer Time

3%Employee Time

3% of Employee-Employer Time (Every year on 50%:50% sharing basis) significantly grows in many hours we put behind implementing "Virtuos 1-2-3 Edge" and creating indirect employment through skill development. We also offer Engineering and Professional Services to Non-profit by utilizing 3% of Employee Time.


The New Religion

Creating Shared Value

Virtuism is Creating Shared Value (CSV) by reconceiving and differentiating products & markets, redefining productivity in the value chain, and building on Business 4.0 vision of the company.
Discount for Non-Profit Organizations

Upto 70%Discount for Non-Profit

Companies qualified as Non-Profit Organizations will receive up to 70% discount on list prices for our Professional Services, and Engineering/software development. We also work with leading OEM Software providers to offer special rates for Non-Profit.

Social Causes

BeingVVirtuos Heart Emblemfor Social Causes

BeingV is an initiative by Virtuos Foundation to provide self-employment training and assist the needy with skill development programs. BeingV raises funds from Corporates, Customers, and Partners to uplift the underprivileged with means of livelihood. - The Foundation

Virtuos.orgThe Foundation

At, we have social enterprise mission designed to meet the needs of Non-Profit, Select Educational Institutes, NGOs, Govt. Schools, communities with technology, skill development training, and other innovative ways.