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HR Technology is Proliferating.

Highly proliferating #HRTECH

Dozens of HR (or HCM) Technologies are rapidly emerging to bring automation, talent development, and employee engagement.Human Capital Management (HCM) Applications are being driven by legislation/regulation, process change, and a growing market of vendors of technologies, services, and solutions across the geographies. The sheer size and complexity run counter to the trend, and expectation of consolidation of HR technology.The Market Forecast for Global HCM Software is currently pegged at US$20-22 Billions and expected to grow to US$25-30 Billions by 2023.


Virtuos has forayed into HCM Applications business as a necessary function to bridge the experience gap by creating Employee Experience (EX) Practice.HCM products traditionally fall into two broad areas: 1) products that fulfill people operations and the employment contract (i.e., payroll, time and attendance, employee records management) and 2) products that aid in the execution of an organization's people strategy by helping attract, develop, and retain talent (i.e., talent acquisition, learning, performance management).
EX Strategy

EX Strategy

We can plan an agile HCM strategy and help organizations harness the power of SaaS or PaaS to improve functionality, integrations, and user experience. Our advisory services entail change management, process improvements, implementing methodologies, and frameworks.

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Technology Strategy

Technology Strategy

We continuously work with organizations to shift the HCM Technology strategy from static to agile. Our years of extensive Customer Experience (CX) Practice has given birth to the most innovative products like Expedience, OKRX and CulturO.

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Innovation On (iO)

Innovation On (iO)

Our iO lab drives new process changes for organizations by creating vibrant and consolidated HR Technology ecosystems. At Virtuos, we have built “Virtuosoship,” an Employee Dexterity Program as part of EX to drive digital transformation.

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Talent Acquisition

Virtuos offers Talent Acquisition to Talent Engagement and Systems of Record to Systems of Action.

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Employee Journey Map

Candidate Engagement to Employee Experience and Ex-Employee Alumni relations are managed throughout an employee’s journey.Just like the customer journey, the employee journey is crucial for the organization’s success. Today’s employee can become tomorrow’s ex-employee, and tomorrow’s ex-employee can recommend or refer more candidates or possibly become a potential employee.
Employee Journey Mapping Diagram
Virtuos can offer solutions for employee experience and efficiency, as outlined below throughout the employee’s lifetime.

Candidate Attraction

  • Outbound sourcing tools
  • Branding & communication channel tools
  • Gamification (Attraction)
  • Career site platforms
  • Job board aggregators

Candidate Engagement

  • Chatbots
  • Content curation tools
  • Text, email, newsletter tools
  • Candidate relationship management platforms

Applicant Screening and Agreement

  • Screening software
  • Virtual recruiting assistants
  • Predictive software
  • Gamification (assessment)
  • Data-matching software
  • Neurscience trait-matching software

Interview and Selection

  • Video interviewing platforms
  • Test-based interviews
  • Configured interview workflows
  • Recorded video responses
  • Embedded offer formulation tools

HR Operations and Onboarding

  • Scheduling bots
  • Virtual assistants
  • Virtual career fair software
  • On-site event management software
  • HR service delivery platforms
  • Enterprise integration platforms
  • Onboarding platforms integrated with learning and branding

Automation in Talent Acquisition (TA)

Persona-based design efforts have been proven effective for TA teams and will increase in importance moving forward.

At Virtuos Insidex, we can build a strategic plan for how talent aligns with your organization, design for experiences, career paths, and relevance. Our purpose-built platforms can help organizations leverage employee-generated content.

Here is the state of automation in recruiting, and the recruitment automation bullseye as per the CEB Recruiting Innovations Survey.

Automation in Talent Acquisition Diagram
Modern EX is about creating Objectives, Key Results with “Experience” Framework.
Modern EX

IT Market Clock for HCM Software (2019)

According to Forrester's Employee Experience Index, employees are more likely to be engaged when they believe their IT department is focusing on helping them be productive.
IT Market Clock Diagram

Dozens of HR Technologies are increasing in the marketplace. Primary objectives for adopting cloud-based HCM Suites are:

  • Improved quality of reporting and people information
  • Improved HCM Process automation
  • Standardized HCM Processes
  • Improved quality of service to internal customers
  • Improved HCM application UX
  • Increased workforce efficiency/effectiveness
  • Reduced cost of HR Operations
  • Globalized or consolidate HCM processes
  • Improved agility and scale

Virtuos INSIDEX Current HCM Offerings

At Virtuos Insidex, our niche HCM Technology product and service offerings include the integration of TA Solutions with Career sites to conduct Voice of Employee (VOE).Broadly our offerings are Talent Experience Solutions, Talent Intelligence Solutions; Talent marketplaces; Employee Experience & Engagement software; and Performance Management.
Talent Experience Solutions
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Career Site Integration

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Content Management

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CRM / ERP Integration

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HR Analytics

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Aury Chatbots

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Talent Intelligence Solutions
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Market Intelligence

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Candidate Matching

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Candidate Screening

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TA Organizational Data

Talent Marketplace - Opencoder
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Talent Marketplace requires a newer platform to attract candidates and satisfy the exact needs of organizations. Traditional Freelancing/elancing sites could not meet the expectations of organized and established organizational requirements. These organizations require a higher degree of confidence and governance, and the Opencoder Talent ExperienceCrowd could fill the void by using crowdsourcing technology in a whole new way.
Agnitor Expertise Crowd
Employee Experience & Engagement
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EX Strategy

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Organizational Culture

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Job Designing

Performance Management
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Objectives, Key Results Experience (Behaviours)

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360 Outlook Assessment

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Voice of Employee (VOE)

Want to create integrated EX and CX Rainbow?

Virtuos links each process involving Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) to the organization 360 strategies.Insidex HR delivers cutting edge technologies for Employee Experience (EX) evaluating the right mix of functional, technical, and LOB roles, as well as "typical" employees and managers. We drive the vendor demos, sandbox, and follow-up activities, evaluate the customer communities, and tools and standardize reference checking and fully leverage the organization's network.