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Real-time Customer Engagement Hub — The C-Digital Mastermind Consulting


Customer 360 Key Issues

You can’t buy it from the market.

Vendors are not partners.

No one owns it.

The ones who want it cannot make decisions.

You Lead the Hub

  • Make a business case
  • Take stock
  • Link the context, break the silos
  • Focus on high-value moments
  • Improve personalization and real-time capabilities
  • Buy if you can, build if you must

Making a Business Case for a CEH

  • Who has the project ownership?
  • Who has the operational ownership?
  • Who has the operational ownership?
  • Risk of inaction: How much longer can tolerate the inefficiency of not having a CEH and all the advantages it confers?
Head of CX

Head of Customer Experience



Head of Digital

Head of Digital



Head of Service

Head of Service

Head of Sales

Head of Sales

Take Stock of As-Is CEH Components

  • Many decision makers
  • Many purchases
  • A wide variety of vendors
  • Discover a complete view of what types of technologies are in use in the organization, who all are using them, and supporting which types of functions or customer touchpoints
Technology Components Products Divisions Functions

Examples of Common Technologies Used
as Part of Customer Engagement Hub

Email, Web, Mobile Campaign Management Web Content Management Customer Engagement Center Digital Commerce Platform Web/Mobile Customer Self-Service Business Process Management Contact Center Infrastructure/CCaaS Voice of Customer Solutions Master Data Management
Web and Mobile App Analytics Customer Interaction Analytics Journey Analytics Messaging/Social Customer Service Digital Personalization Engine Hybrid Integration Customer Identity and Access Management Real-Time, Unified Customer Data Capture, and Storage Streaming Analytics/Event Streaming Engine

Get Started by Focusing on High-Value Moments

Introducing CX MOMENT™ as part of our Customer Journey Mapping initiative by applying C.Digital and Business 4.0 paradigms.
  • Inventory customer touchpoints across the entire CX life cycle
  • Pick two to three moments that will have the greatest impact
  • Understand high and low points in the customer journey to find opportunities for continuous intelligence
Get Use Pay Serve


  • Order confirmation
  • Tracking number
  • What to expect


  • Portal signup
  • Account setup confirmation
  • "How to video"

Product Education

  • FAQs
  • User tips

Bill Pay

  • 1st bill explained
  • Autopay
  • Paperless signup
  • Credit card preauth

Tech Support

  • Appt confirmation
  • Resolution confirmation


  • One-click confirm

Wrap Up/Renewal

  • Renewal reminder
  • Survey

Develop Roadmap to Improve Personalization
and Real-Time Capabilities

By 2022, more than 10% of customer engagement hub architectures will include real-time event streaming and streaming analytics.




Technologies Enabling Real-Time Continuous
Intelligence for Customer Experience

Buy if you can, build if you must
Hybrid Integration Customer Identity and Access Management Real-Time, Unified Customer Data Capture, and Storage Streaming Analytics/Event Streaming Engine
Invest in enterprise or startup technologies
Enterprise Startups
  • Expand existing investments
  • Leverage prebuilt integrations
  • Greenfield
  • Speed and innovation
  • Narrow use cases
  • Midsize enterprise


  • 1Do not start by looking at the IT systems. Identify customer journey moments delivering the highest value for customers and your business.
  • 2Treat customer engagement hub as a multiyear technology and process initiative.
  • 3Find executive sponsorship and owner of the project and break organization barriers.
  • 4Question, assess, and then match the speed of response to the specific requirements of the business activity by determining the right time for every decision.
  • 5Acquire or develop the skills necessary to implement real-time continuous intelligence.
  • 6Prepare for extensive system integration of products from multiple vendors to achieve business value.

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