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Do You Have a Customer 360 Program in Your Company?

Customer 360

A Fashion Retailer’s Customer 360 Challenge

More Channels

More Global and Regional Channels and Customer’s Channel Preferences

Omnichannel Complexity

Expanding Geographies

Expansion in Asia and New Markets

Regional Global

Segments and Loyalty

Moving from Tactical Campaigns to Long-Lived Loyalty Management

Tactical Campaigns Lifecycle Loyalty

Customer Transitions

Increased Need to Manage Customer Transitions Between Channels, Experiences, Loyalty, Transactions, and Geographies

Store of the Future

Online and Offline Data Capture and Sharing with Partners to Elevate the Shopping Experience

The Future of Omnichannel

Requires a Closed-Loop Platform that Monitors the Customer Lifecycle and Reacts in Real-Time

An Airline’s Customer 360 Challenge

Interact with guests from the passenger’s point of view
Shopping Cart Icon

Closing, Shopping and Pricing

  • Right Product, Right Channel
  • Right Time, Right Guest
Clock Icon

Booking, Waiting and Preparing

  • Faster Check-In
Briefcase Icon

Check-In and Airport Experience

  • Last Call
  • Airport Experience With Indoor Location
Flight Icon


  • In-Flight Experience
Taxi Icon

Post Flight

  • Technical Service Alert
  • Connecting Flight Information
  • Customer Care, Acquisition, and Retention

A University’s Customer 360 Challenge

University Challenge Diagram
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Assumption

By 2022, 50% of large organizations will have still failed to unify engagement channels resulting in the continuation of a disjointed and siloed customer experience, lacking context.

Customer 360 Key Issues

Customer Journey Mapping Diagram
Customer Engagement

A "Customer Engagement Hub" Enables Organizations to Align Their Processes With Customer Intent to Orchestrate a Cross-Channel, Cross-Departmental Customer Experience.