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Customer Experience Model
CX Continuum

CX As A "Continuous Next" Service

Customer Experience Management Tools
Custmer Acquisition

Customer Aquisition

  • Predictive Chat

    Customers who use live chat are 3x more likely to buy and develop deep levels of trust with the brand. By creating experiences on micro-moments throughout the customer journey, the sales conversions go up by 300%, and cost of engagement goes down.

    Predictive Chat

  • Hyper Personalization

    Integrated content, optimization, and personalization enable new levels of engagement across various touch points during the customer encounter with multiple channels. AI and Machine learning (ML) guided recommendations like what content to share helps you cut through the noise.

  • Intelligent Search Syndication

    Intelligent search bidding and syndicating the content to right customers at the right time always requires smarter prediction capabilities driven by AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. We truly understand that your goals are not just reduced CPA alone but differentiated ROI.

Customer Engagement

  • Customer Journey Map

    Customer Journey Analytics

    Brands fail to understand and assimilate millions of customer journeys across platforms, ecosystems and engagement channels. Gain invaluable insights on the fly by creating customer personas and building real-time customer journeys through our visually rich, AI powered CJourney tools.

  • Live Share

    Live Share

    Use new share mediums to engage real-time with millennials and tech-savvy customers who want to multitask using voice, messaging and browser or app on mobile. Building on Mobile First vision, our Live Share helps customers on-the-go experience new levels of maturity in interaction engagement.

  • Aury Logo

    AURY® Chatbot

    Built on the foundation of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, AURY® is our brand new chatbot for the digital world. It brings conversations to life, intuitively engages and transparently connects with digital platforms delivering immersive experiences.

Customer Engagement Strategy
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