Virtuos to celebrate 11th Anniversary

Culture is increasingly in the news, and it comes up in earnings calls with investors very often to assess the connection between digital strategy and organizational thinking. The C – Level Executives are increasingly shaping the enterprise culture by teaming up with HR to co-develop balanced strategy around diversity and inclusion.

"Gartner's 2018 CIO Survey cited culture as the No. 1 inhibitor to scaling digital innovations or executing the transformation," said Venky Vijay Reddi, CEO of Virtuos. "At Virtuos we plan to offer Culturo (Culture of Organization) with complete employee engagement toolkits, frameworks, and next-generation Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) as part of our digital transformation practice".

Virtuos launches 'Culturo'

Many digital transformation programs are beginning to stall, employees are experiencing digital fatigue with poor engagement, and culturally misfit approaches, and organizational mindsets. Culturo, a software, and systems driven set of framework can offer digital design thinking to hack your culture and create more engaged employees participating in the digital transformation initiatives. These cultural hacks are small and visceral eliciting an emotional response from employees driving "ContinueNext" phases in organization’s digital business transformation.

About Virtuos

Virtuos Digital Ltd. (Formerly Virtuos Solutions Private Ltd.) is a leading Customer Experience (CX) & Digital Transformation Consulting company with its corporate headquarters in India, and the USA serving global customers. Virtuos has two important business operations namely Consultare and Exonomy.

Virtuos Consultare

Virtuos Consultare delivers industry-specific counsel and the integrated, end-to-end solutions that support its customers' strategic, operational, and financial goals. Virtuos is an Experience consultancy that provides superior customer moments and implements leading CRM and Customer Experience Applications — Oracle CX; Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics amongst other niche players. Other consulting services include Our Industry 4.0 ready Business 4.0 operations — CXDesk; O.Digital and Talentare; Digital transformation and high-performance Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Services. Consultare flagship CXNow Program delivers CX Audit; Customer Journey Mapping, and Voice of Customer Analytics for large customers worldwide.

Virtuos Exonomy

Newly created Virtuos Exonomyideates and incubates next-generation businesses harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, ECommerce and Digital technologies. Virtuos Exonomy also launched the Innovation On (formerly Innovation Open) lab to breed and bootstrap new ventures that include Budh; and (Part of BIG Strategy) and a host of unique Experience Cloud applications. Virtuos Experience Cloud business comprises a DARE strategy —; Aury; Rigour; and Enforce.