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Unleashing Business 4.0 Strategy for digital transformation

Virtuos, the CX and Digital Transformation Consultancy embarks on significant growth using Business 4.0 — a strategy powered by the confluence of Industrialization 4.0, Globalization 4.0, Digitalization 4.0, and Society 5.0

The Fourth Industrialization represents tremendous changes to how we live, work, and relate to one another. The Industrialization 4.0 is about more than just a technology-led transformation. It is a paradigm shift to engage with everyone — the leaders, management experts, policymakers, and leading influential personalities from various nations to create better human ecosystems. Virtuos vision asunder was founded on the principles of Industry 4.0.

"Rid the world of bad experiences by creating Trusted Digital & Human Ecosystems for a better today and tomorrow"

Industry 4.0 is to harness digital, Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and other human-centered technologies to accord the most considerable number of people the opportunities and abilities to positively impact their families, organizations, and communities contributing to the creation of new Society 5.0. Virtuos renewed mission supports Business 4.0 Transformation Strategy.

"Create Virtuoso talent that generates more creativity, more energy and the very best performance to
  • Help leading brands deliver superior customer and employee experience.
  • Transform organizations worldwide with digital technologies and services.
  • Impact the society positively conforming to the sustainable development goals of UNDP."

The Globalization 4.0 inspired from World Economic Forum ( is part of Business 4.0 Transformation Strategy. There's a need to understand and recognize that we are living in a new economy – the Virtuoso Economy where only the experts and talented people thrive and drive to create new standards of breakthrough technologies. In our opinion, organizations must strive to differentiate themselves by creating a new breed of talent from the global markets using new models of "WeWorking." As cited by the World Economic Forum, "As we develop a new approach to the new economy, we must remember that we are not playing a zero-sum game. This is not a matter of free trade or protectionism, technology or jobs, immigration or protecting citizens, and growth or equality. Those are all false dichotomies, which we can avoid by developing policies that favor "and" over "or," allowing all sets of interests to be pursued in parallel."

Digital Talent Management Framework

The Digitalization 4.0 embodies basic principles of Experience Economy (At Virtuos, we call it Exonomy) creating a new world of opportunities for everyone on the foundation of "Experience." Our game-changing framework supports the principles of Business 4.0 Transformation Strategy. IQ + EQ = XQ where IQ is for intelligence Quotient, EQ is Emotional Quotient, and XQ is Experience Quotient. At Virtuos, we created a new Employee Experience Framework redesigning the job profile from the ground up. Digitalization 4.0 begins with imbibing digital dexterity standards within the organization first before transforming the organizations. Digitalization 4.0 rests on four founding principles:

  • Connected Consumers, Customized Experiences
  • Empowered Employees
  • Optimized Production; Operational Excellence
  • Transformed Products

Our Industry's leading CX Practice, Employee Experience (EX) practice, Operational Excellence (OX), and Digital Experience (DX) portfolio are the drivers of Digitalization 4.0.

Business 4.0 Transformation Strategy is for every company irrespective of their size, growth, and geography delivered by the Virtuoso teams – the assembly of stars from the world. These experts have significant experience in transforming business models using new technologies and services.

About Virtuos

Virtuos Digital Ltd. (Formerly Virtuos Solutions Private Ltd.) is a leading Customer Experience (CX) & Digital Transformation Consulting company with its corporate headquarters in India, and the USA serving global customers. Virtuos has two important business operations namely Consultare and Exonomy.

Virtuos Consultare

Virtuos Consultare delivers industry-specific counsel and the integrated, end-to-end solutions that support its customers' strategic, operational, and financial goals. Virtuos is an Experience consultancy that provides superior customer moments and implements leading CRM and Customer Experience Applications — Oracle CX; Salesforce CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics amongst other niche players. Other consulting services include Our Industry 4.0 ready Business 4.0 operations — CXDesk; O.Digital and Talentare; Digital transformation and high-performance Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Services. Consultare flagship CXNow Program delivers CX Audit; Customer Journey Mapping, and Voice of Customer Analytics for large customers worldwide.

Virtuos Exonomy

Newly created Virtuos Exonomy ideates and incubates next-generation businesses harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, ECommerce, and Digital technologies. Virtuos Exonomy also launched the Innovation On (formerly Innovation Open) lab to breed and bootstrap new ventures that include Budh; and (Part of BIG Strategy) and a host of unique Experience Cloud applications. Virtuos Experience Cloud business comprises a DARE strategy —; Aury; Rigour; and Enforce.

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