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Experience Crowd is a new word coined by Virtuos. Before defining Experience Crowd, let’s define Experience Cloud — Again Virtuos was the first company to coin this word way back in 2008 when we first founded our company.Today thousands of companies use “Experience Cloud” as their product type extension.


Virtuos Experience Cloud is an integrated ecosystem of hubs, platforms and suites connected on a common thread to deliver personalized, superior, and contextualexperiences to customers, employees, and other constituents. It completely replaces siloed "x" clouds like Sales Cloud, MarketingCloud, Service Cloud, etc.

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Experience Cloud
Experience Crowd


Virtuos Experience Crowd is an open ecosystem of hubs, platforms, and suites connected on a common thread to deliver dynamic and contextual experiences to the community. The experiences are designed for and by the broad, distributed set of contributors using the Web, social collaboration techniques, AI, and other democratized systems. Experience Crowd concepts have been borrowed from Crowdsourcing.


Public and Private Clouds are fully controlled by the respective bodies who are owning and running the cloud the cloud operations — data center, bandwidth, security etc. On the contrary, "Crowd" will not become the “crowd” if it will be fully controlled just like Cloud."Crowd" is independently dependent on multiple factors.

Crowd is partly controlled by respectives bodies who host the crowd on a secure cloud. Partly “crowd” is largely managed by the contributors just like wikipedia. Crowd and it’s meanings have been borrowed from Sociologist Herbert Blumer (1969) developed a popular typology of crowds based on their purpose and dynamics. The four types he distinguished are casual crowds, conventional crowds, expressive crowds, and acting crowds. A fifth type, protest crowds, has also been distinguished by other scholars.

Mr. Blumer
Mr. Herbert Blumer


The Real Crowd is a large number of people who gather together with a common short-term or long-term purpose. Experience Crowd has taken its roots from the following six types of distinctive (real) crowds and combined with the meaning of Crowdsourcing.


A casual crowd is a collection of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time.


A conventional crowd is a collection of people who gather for a specific purpose.


An expressive crowd is a collection of people who gather primarily to be excited and to express one or more emotions.


As its name implies, an acting crowd goes one important step beyond an expressive crowd by behaving in violent or other destructive behavior such as looting.


As its name again implies, a protest crowd is a collection of people who gather to protest a political, social, cultural, or economic issue.


A riot is a relatively spontaneous outburst of violence by a large group of people. The term riot sounds very negative, and some scholars have used terms like urban revolt or urban uprising.



YouCaring Director of Engineering on Expertise Needed to Power Largest Crowdfunding Effort Ever.




Real crowds need a digital medium to express their feelings, emotions, and consume experiences without being controlled by the others.

We have dozens of community crowds like Wikipedia, Glassdoor, Quora, Apple communities, DevianArt, Goodreads, etc. For that matter, Google search links you to the thousands of self-help pages and content.

Crowd Testing

  • Applause
  • Testbirds
  • Digivante
  • Global App Testing
  • Rainforest
  • Test IO
  • Testlio
  • Ubertesters
  • We-Test


  • Bugcrowd
  • HackerOne
  • SafeHats
  • Synack
  • YesWeHack
  • Zerocopter

Data Science

  • Playment
  • Experfy
  • Alegion
  • AWS
  • Appen-Figure Eight
  • Kaggle
  • TwentyBN

Multiple Areas

  • Topcoder
  • Koder
  • CrowdWorx
  • Passbrains
  • Upwork
  • Gigster

The foundation of Community Crowd is OPEN where communities can create FREE accounts and start engaging with the brands and peer groups; solving some of their issues through self-service, knowledge base, peer help like forums or simply consuming content and learning new perspectives.

The foundation of the Experience Crowd is OPEN where a “select” community of people — professionals, customers, employees (with a linkage) can open an account (accounts need to be verified by the brands) to participate and harness the benefits of crowdsourcing.

We are building on ExperienceCrowd Platform to empower the large brands with democratized Customer Experience (CX) Platform — Customer Now; Expertise Crowd Network of Global professionals in a specialized field — Agnitor; Top coders community of software developers — Opencoder; and Data crowd by DATI.

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It's an
Experience Crowd
At Opencoder, we work with the top-notch talent in software development, engineering, testing, digital marketing, and web-designing amongst other fields to crowdsource their work and deliver to the end customers. Opencoder is currently in its final stages of launch.

Software Developers

Development teams with experience in Java, .net, python, Ruby on rails, and other languages can join Opencoder.

Packaged Software

Packaged software implementation team with expertise in Salesforce, Oracle CX, Magento, Drupal, Moodle etc.

Quality Testing

Crowdsourced testing for business applications, websites, and other software products jobs are in demand.

New Skills like Data Science

People proficient in AI, Datascience, Machine Learning, and other cutting edge technologies can join to be part of Opencoder.

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It's an
Experience Crowd
CustomerNow is a Web Self-Service Knowledge Management tool for the enterprises to implement and integrate with their CRM systems.
Zero Contact Resolution (ZCR)

Zero Contact Resolution (ZCR)

It’s challenging to manage increased Service calls and email volume when “cost of servicing” outstrips the budgets. Brands can leverage CustomerNow Crowd support by using peers and offer these peers some credits to buy additional services.

Customer IDEA Board

Customer IDEA Board

Customers regularly give recommendations, feedback, and ideas to improve products or seek new experiences from the Brand. CustomerNow offers the IDEA framework by extending to the crowd.

Customer Self-Service

Customer Self-Service

CustomerNow offers powerful Self-Service, Multi-experience interfaces, and Mobile Ready AI-Self-Search capabilities to solve some of the issues related to product use, warranty, upgrades, support, etc.

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It's an
Experience Crowd
Dati — the data crowd and the Insight Crowd Practice, part of Virtuos Experience Crowd business.
Data Crowd


Provide differentiating data to unlock unique insights.

Differentiation lies in the ability to stand out in the crowd. That requires unique insights into customers and business context. To find that nugget, 56% of global data and analytics decision makers are expanding their use of external data as per Forrester Report.

At Virtuos DATI, we deliver differentiated data offerings using “Experience Crowd” extended network with highest compliance of GDPR.


Deliver insights through both automation and decision support.

Recognizing that insights alone won't move the needle, insights service engagement must ensure that decision makers apply insights or embed them in automated processes.

At Virtuos we offer a range of options, from basic dashboards to AI-powered chatbots. Interactive decision support tools ensure that decision makers can evaluate alternative actions. In some cases, full-scale digital twins enable extensive scenario planning.

Insight Crowd


With thousands of applications flooding the markets and most of them not having the power of community, crowdsourcing, openness, and further becoming unreachable to millions of businesses, there's a room for the Experience Crowd to take a center stage.

At Virtuos, we want to rid the world of bad experiences by creating a democratized experience ecosystems and open platforms. Experience Crowd is a beginning in that journey.

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