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Virtuos, a gold certified Partner and Leader in CX Practice across has witnessed increase in the attendance to Oracle Open World this year. Virtuos team toured the entire event, and attended keynote sessions and interacted with key executives of Oracle.

Here are some of the highlights:

Oracle is serious about the cloud as it launches ten services
Oracle launches 10 cloud services, as well as a cloud marketplace, to prove its commitment to the cloud.

Businesses need to have constant digital conversations with the CIO
Companies which have strong digital conversations across their business are more likely to be successful in sales, innovation, and growth.

Oracle launches in-memory database search
Oracle has launched an in-memory version of its database which promises 100-times faster query processing.

Incorporating big data lends competitive edge, says Intel
Only 15% of firms are fully exploiting big data, Doug Fisher, general manager of software and services at Intel, told Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

European update - Oracle extends cloud
Oracle is continuing to drive forward its cloud operations in Europe.

Oracle UK Channel Boss - Partners must address legacy estates
Oracle's new UK channel VP Will O'Brien has nailed his colours to the mast, urging resellers to expand their expertise.

Oracle Wins Cup - Larry Ellison misses the keynote
Larry Ellison was busy with the American Cup, and misses the important key note. Keynote was given by Thomas Kurien who reports to Larry. This has disappointed many partners and customers who were eagerly waiting to watch Keynote from Larry Ellison.

Oracle Open World 2013

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