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Virtuos, an idea hunter and business innovation leader reached new heights with tremendous growth helping next generation companies across the world — be it PartyGaming in Gibraltar, EMEA; NUS in Singapore; NZPost in NewZealand; or MakeMyTrip, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. in India.

Virtuos with its new vision has set a goal to become a Billion dollar company by 2025.

Over the last four to five years since inception in 2008, Virtuos had built digital assets investing in new ideas and people. is one of the four fabulous divisions besides Virtuos Consultare; Virtuos Cloud; and Yippee Media under the umbrella of Virtuos Corporation. will be our incubation center hunting more ideas and maintaining innovation labs in six key areas of newest hot specializations.

Virtuos Business 3.0 — The popular digital asset will now become our Marketing Engagement Platform. The domain name valued more than US$500k will be used to launch the most disruptive concepts of digital, social, and web marketing with a superior approach of engaging with customers.

" will hold the future for Virtuos which has always launched new concepts and ideas to the marketplace, and with the breathtaking approach & catchy name, Virtuos will shine in the enterprise software innovation space" - says Venky Vijay, CEO of Virtuos. — The three lettered premium name valued at US$1 Million will be our new Product solving daily routines with Digital Twin Technology. VYO also offers Voice Your Opinion Service.

"The Social Media Opinions business is surpassing US$1Billion annually and Virtuos wants to position with new disruptive ideas and execution" - says Venky Vijay, CEO of Virtuos. — As the name suggests, will be our newest Sales Engagement Cloud enabling salesforce with new leads using social mobile cloud.

"Traditional Sales force management applications provide automation around leads, opportunities, territory, etc., but our will provide sales discipline nurturing leadgen engine using market intelligence, analytics and social mobile cloud" - says Venky Vijay, CEO of Virtuos. — Our yet another most ambitious project to deliver an exceptional connected customer engagement platform with powerful community, socialweb self-help, Knowledge management and channel mix of email, chat, click2talk, callback and other engagements. This will be the most sophisticated platform freely available for customers to sign and engage with global brands. With tight integration of other engagement platforms such as,, etc., will become the most handy yet powerful portable tool for customers on their browsers, tablets, social network and mobile.

"The connected customer experience is the hot topic right now, and the engagement model with empowered customers will change the equation. The customer aka consumer with hundreds of products and services from several brands is always perplexed with no proactive service engagement, and that's where will become an army swiss knife for every one." - says Venky Vijay, CEO Virtuos. — - where Virtuos is a major shareholder will transform itself to become Gifting Experiences Engagement Platform. Virtuos will raise additional funds this year to expand the scope and horizons of operations to more geographies and build engagement platforms using our transformational technologies.

"Virtuos invested nearly US$ 500k directly and through the Tekcorp route in the last 18 months in to build an ecommerce platform, content, maintain staf,f and infrastructure. Virtuos management will invest another US$500k in this year to develop a powerful engagement platform and develop B2B model for" - says Venky Vijay, CEO, Virtuos. will become a one stop shop for all gifting ideas and with powerful engagement platforms available on browser, mobile, social media, and tablets, will become a new destination in the burgeoning e-commerce space.

About Virtuos

Virtuos is an experience consultancy delivering exceptional customer and employee engagement solutions, services, and platforms around web, social, mobile foundations. Virtuos has four fabulous business divisions namely — Virtuos Consultare: The Consulting & IT Services; Virtuos Cloud: The Enterprise Business Solutions and Apps; Yippee Media: The SocialWeb, UX Design, and Digital Marketing; and The Connected Engagement Platforms and Ideas. At Virtuos, we transform companies of high growth potential with Business 3.0 modelling that involves high performance consulting services, hunting more ideas, and executing them with Virtuoso teams. Virtuos was founded in 2008 by cultivating an ambitious plan to become a multi-billion dollar company and a game changer by 2020. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of our team we continue to grow each year. With new innovative business ideas, delivering incredible transformation services and building powerful engagement platforms for the future we are trending at the right path.

Virtuos is headquartered in the US in San Jose with global offices in the APAC region including India and our website is located at Tweet us @virtuos; and like us on

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