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Virtuos, a leader in Customer Experience (CX) and CRM in alliance with Oracle Corporation and an emerging player in Human Capital & Business Execution Software in alliance with SAP/Successfactors is embarking on major expansion.

Virtuos will be delivering its coveted Consultare Professional Services using Co-Extend Methodology as an option for Companies who are keen to leverage on our implementation skills and save on customisation and on-going integration costs.

What is our Co-Extend Delivery Methodology?

Virtuos delivers a piece of work independently and train the teams at the client side to be familiar with the development so that the entire Professional Services Project work can be shared nicely by:

  • Training the teams at the client location
  • Charging for consulting work based on the value
  • Creating co-working model to reduce the costs
  • Speed up the entire project while lowering the costs
  • Creating very small dependence on our Services for the future and on-going basis
  • Using Agile Project Methodology

This is typically not a profitable model for Virtuos, but it can build a lot of trust with the clients — one way of launching crusade against the well established players who are always interested in over charging the customers without sharing a code or training on customizations.

According to Gartner, "Not all customers will want to avail themselves of the co-extend method, but it will nevertheless be a useful differentiator that highlights something unique about how you work and deliver value to clients".

About Virtuos

Virtuos is an experience consultancy delivering exceptional customer and employee engagement solutions, services and platforms around web, social, mobile foundations. Virtuos has four fabulous business divisions namely - Virtuos Consultare: The Consulting & IT Services; Virtuos Cloud: The Enterprise Business Solutions and Apps; Yippee Media: The SocialWeb, UX Design and Digital Marketing; and The Connected Engagement Platforms and Ideas. At Virtuos, we transform companies of high growth potential with Business 3.0 modelling that involves high performance consulting services, hunting more ideas and executing them with Virtuoso teams. Virtuos was founded in 2008 by cultivating an ambitious plan to become a multi-billion dollar company and a game changer by 2020. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of our team we continue to grow each year. With new innovative business ideas, delivering incredible transformation services and building powerful engagement platforms for the future we are trending at the right path.

Virtuos is headquartered in the US in San Jose with global offices in the APAC region including India and our website is located at Tweet us @virtuos; and like us on

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