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Virtuos Solutions Private Ltd. has been incorporated in India taking over the business (Not the company) from Virtuosol Consulting Group (of Tekcorp combine). Tekcorp Group transfers key customers — Standard Chartered and GE Healthcare and key alliances — Kana Software and Maximizer Software, amongst several other prospects and customers.


Tekcorp, a cherished leader in IT Computing, System Integration, and Automation, has diversified into CRM Business in early 2006 by launching a new division – Virtuosol Consulting Group. It has built its first Pilot with Religare Group by putting more than 720 Man days of hard work in developing solutions for Religare using “Soffront” CRM Stack and bagged its first Rs.10 Million deal. Virtuosol has also bagged several other small deals worth Rs.3 to 4 Million contracts from a few of the customers, such as Silicon Comnet, to implement “Soffront” CRM and Sage ERP. Unfortunately the product did not meet the complex expectations of the customers with regards to scalability and portability into cloud environments.

"We founded "Virtuosol" on the principles of Virtuoso Teams — a book written by our Mentors Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer. Unfortunately, in the first year, we made the biggest blunder in our lifetime by aligning with a Partner by positioning their solution to a few customers. One of the customers being — Religare that has no ethos and value leadership," said Venky Vijay Reddi. "As a result, we have lost our hard-earned money at the very precious startup period of operations. After becoming the scapegoat of disintermediation and deceit, We have blacklisted "Soffront," a software company and Religare Group and took a decision not to deal with them, and the deceitful employees of these companies in our lifetime."


Virtuos Solutions Private Ltd. is a new company with a brand new vision and values.

Surprise and delight the customers by stretching their expectations; appeal to the sophisticated; and defy the established market knowledge.

Virtuos Solutions Private Ltd. sports a new domain —, a new domain. domain name was obtained for US$ four-figure price from a US Company, which stopped using this name.

This was the most ecstatic moment in life — third time, first when I married my beautiful wife, second time when I became father, and third time, when I was able to acquire a great domain — Said Venky Vijay Reddi, CEO. “I have always been a big fan of branding and marketing since childhood, and “domain naming” has been my biggest hobby, and I still remember the kind of hard work in obtaining “” from the previous domain owners”.

Virtuos acquired the expensive domain name to fuel its future dreams of establishing “VIRTUOS” as a world-class brand name in the space of Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Software.

Virtuos has borrowed a few important principles from T-Rules.

  • Partner with the world's leading brands that have established a culture of trust.
  • Recruit employees after thorough due diligence and background verification.
  • Keep the people who are dependable and trustworthy over those who are talented.
  • Choose technologies and products that have referenceable customers.
  • Keep learning essential lessons, and keep referring to these to avoid making mistakes. with its first public website

The CEO himself has developed the website from scratch and hosted with The website has rich content and case studies related to CRM and some of the content has been inspired from the book "the Virtuoso teams" to reflect Virtuos vision and mission for the future. website screenshot

"We are fortunate to have Amarinder Singh as the employee no.1 in Virtuos to supervise our CRM Implementation Practice along with a team of other employees. We also thank the esteemed Partner members — Dilip Tailor, Vivek Thomas, Gary Winder, for their excellent co-operation during the implementation of these projects". Said Venky Vijay Reddi. “Special thanks go to Balu Subramaniam, Murali and Amit Ovelekar from the Standard Chartered Bank team for their trust in a new company like ours. We thank Saurabh Pachnanda (Former employee of Virtuosol Consulting Group) for having done a fantastic job of leading through the Solution Sales by interacting with the Standard Chartered Team and GE Healthcare”.

“Last year both Dilip Tailor and Gary Winder (from KANA Software UK and KANA Software Hongkong) personally visited Virtuosol Consulting Group Office in Delhi to spend some time with our teams.” Later they confirmed their interest in pursuing a relationship with Virtuos and expanding the Indian market. Said Venky Vijay Reddi. “Further early January 2008, We were pleased with the visit of Vivek Thomas, Vice President of Maximizer Canada, to discuss the opportunities with Virtuos”.

About Virtuos Solutions

Virtuos Solutions Private Ltd., a company registered with the Indian Companies Act, is a startup in the space of the CRM Cloud Computing business. As a company, Virtuos is born in the cloud by forging alliances with leading companies such as KANA Software and Maximizer. Virtuos has become a pioneer in CRM Cloud computing by migrating the CRM to the cloud for the first time in India, thanks to the deep expertise in this area as legacy practice from Tekcorp.

The company's website is located at with its corporate office in New Delhi, India's capital. Virtuos operates from a shared office premises with "Tekcorp combine" at the prestigious location — Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1 New Delhi in a building with more than 10,000 SQ FT space.

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