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Virtuos Announces post-COVID Businesses - XONOMY and BrandExpo

Today Virtuos announced the first two Post-COVID businesses that promise to deliver new services to customers. XONOMY, a new name for Virtuos Global Conferences and Events, will be live with its first All Digital Event in November 2020.

“XONOMY, Dreamforce inspired conference will bring global CX and Digital Enthusiasts together in a virtual world offering great insights, best practices, and Industry’s leading-edge counsel.” Said Venky Vijay Reddi, ExperienCEO of Virtuos Digital. “XONOMY, a name we have liked instantly to become the linchpin of the Experience Economy revolution.”

BrandExpo and Xonomy Launch

BrandExpo is a new name for showcasing digital brand names and Ideas for those who want to incorporate new companies or find a niche name for their products or services. has about 300+ Domain Names listed on its portfolio, and we will be adding over 1000 new titles in the next 90 days.

“BrandExpo serves entrepreneurs, professionals, and brand enthusiasts to ideate and buy a .com domain.” Said Venky Vijay Reddi, ExperienCEO of Virtuos Digital. “At BrandExpo, we have combined the Domain Name and Brand Logo services as a package.”

BrandExpo will also organize All Digital Auctions, Domain Expos bringing all the Domaineers, Branding Gurus, and Internet Entrepreneurs on one platform.

Currently, BrandExpo is live at, offering a few of the services, and many other portfolios of services will be added gradually.

About Xonomy

At Virtuos, our vision is to rid the world of bad experiences by creating Trusted Digital Human Ecosystems for better Today and Tomorrow. Xonomy is a direction towards achieving this vision by assembling the top-notch professionals to transform the business landscape, to integrate Customer Experience (CX); Employee Experience (EX) for better operational excellence and thrive in the modern society.

The Global Community of Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Transformation (DT) Professionals have enormous access to information, insights, and industry-wide disruption. Customer Experience Academy (CXA.Org) and Virtuos have come together to launch XONOMY — Experience Economy focussed Conferences. XONOMY will showcase products, services, experiences, and business trends across the industries.

XONOMY is deeply inspired by Dreamforce, which focuses on CRM Technologies, Industries, and the Society. For more information, visit

About BrandExpo

BrandExpo, It's part of Vedam, Virtuos Company. At BrandExpo, we create a brand presence for our customers from start to finish, regardless of whether you are a start-up, a nonprofit, or a product.

At BrandExpo, our approach to brand identity takes disparate elements and unifies them into whole systems by integrating with domain idea, concept, and design. Design plays an essential role in creating and building brands. Design differentiates and embodies the intangibles — emotion, context, and essence - that matter most to consumers. BrandExpo offers hundreds of Domain names and brand names for various industries and business verticals. For more information visit

About Virtuos

Virtuos Digital Ltd. is a leading Customer Experience (CX) & Digital Transformation Consulting company with its corporate headquarters in India, and the USA serving global customers. Virtuos has two important business operations, namely Consultare and Exonomy.

Virtuos Consultare

Virtuos Consultare delivers industry-specific counsel and the integrated, end-to-end solutions that support its customers' strategic, operational, and financial goals. Virtuos is an Experience consultancy that provides superior customer moments and implements leading CRM and Customer Experience Applications — Oracle CX; Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics amongst other niche players. Other consulting services include Our Industry 4.0 ready Business 4.0 operations — CXDesk; O.Digital and Talentare; Digital transformation and high-performance Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Services. Consultare flagship CXNow Program delivers CX Audit; Customer Journey Mapping, and Voice of Customer Analytics for large customers worldwide.

Virtuos Exonomy

Virtuos Exonomy ideates and incubates next-generation businesses harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, ECommerce and Digital technologies. The Innovation On (formerly Innovation Open) lab under the aegis of Virtuos Exonomy is a think tank to breed and bootstrap new ventures that include Budh;; and (Part of BIGV 4.0 As A Strategy) and a host of unique Experience Cloud and Experience Crowd applications. Virtuos Experience Cloud business comprises a CEDAR strategy — Cloudle; Enforce;; Aury; and Rigour.

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