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Virtuos acquired, a new digital asset currently valued at more than US$50,000 as per to develop and launch as Strategy & Business Execution ExperienceCloud. Potentially the single dictionary word domain would have the valuation of more than US$500k in the near future. is the new addition into our ambitious ExperienceCloud Project that brings a lot of synergy to offer — one of the very first solutions of its kind.

“There are several types of Business Augmentation or Automation software and these include ERP, CRM, BPM, HCM, and even BI/Analytics, EPM, etc., and unfortunately there's no software for Strategic Business Execution & Delivery. Traditionally the big league research and management Consultancy organizations have been engaging with companies for years to re-engineer and execute a strategy with these companies. This strategic approach often is dwarfed by the less dynamic rigour & practice by the management due to fast paced business environmental changes and divided attention on execution. "says Venky Vijay Reddi". “The next generation businesses need to rapidly evolve and invent out of the box approaches at the speed of the thought., our newest innovation as a Strategy & Business Execution piece of enterprise application aims to bring transformational execution capabilities by mapping the resources, skillets, and business processes.”

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A complex algorithm of alignment around business and strategy for Business 3.0 organizations is imminent for success as the business models have undergone rapid changes and these changes will continue to be driven by the nexus of forces — Cloud, Social and Mobility in the millennial age. is the next generation business model regeneration software with Strategy & Business Execution at the heart of its engine.

A recent study indicates that 69% of workforce are not focused on their job resulting in poor productivity for an organization and more than 75% of the workforce do not have the required talent and experience resulting in poor execution capabilities for the company. Companies fail because of employees' poor contribution and employees fail because of the lack of strategy & business execution followed with rigour. And more than 95% of Strategy & Business execution suffers due to the lack of systematic pursuit.

The new generation companies can no longer work in the conventional method(s) to generate revenue. will analyse these gaps to bring a holistic solution that can be the CEO's smart solution for his/her company.

About Virtuos

Virtuos is an experience consultancy delivering exceptional customer and employee engagement solutions, services, and platforms around web, social, mobile foundations. Virtuos has four fabulous business divisions namely - Virtuos Consultare: The Consulting & IT Services; Virtuos Cloud: The Enterprise Business Solutions and Apps; Yippee Media: The SocialWeb, UX Design, and Digital Marketing; and The Connected Engagement Platforms and Ideas. At Virtuos, we transform companies of high growth potential with Business 3.0 modelling that involves high performance consulting services, hunting more ideas, and executing them with Virtuoso teams. Virtuos was founded in 2008 by cultivating an ambitious plan to become a multi-billion dollar company and a game changer by 2020. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of our team we continue to grow each year. With new innovative business ideas, delivering incredible transformation services and building powerful engagement platforms for the future we are trending at the right path.

Virtuos is headquartered in the US in San Jose with global offices in the APAC region including India and our website is located at Tweet us @virtuos; and like us on

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