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The Goodman is the friend of all living things.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Budh® Exonomy

An exciting opportunity to create new ecosystems — more resource efficient and sustainable.
Renewable Energy


Long-term financial viability and sustainability of conventional methods of energy provisioning face huge hurdles. Here’s a great opportunity to innovate on new SmartLED Budh® Bulb and other renewable energy business models.

Sustainable Development


At Budh®, our vision is to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure a great living for all current and future generations. We participate and completely align with UN’s sustainable goals in creating a beautiful tomorrow preserving nature and earth.

Smart Farming


Food and Agriculture are US$5 trillion business growing phenomenally, and the caloric demand is likely to go up by 50% in 2 decades. At Budh®, we envision the future of smart and sustainable farming by using technological innovations, AI, and Big data.

Budh Smart Cities


Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Go green and conceive Smart Building technologies with ideas to save energy reducing carbon emissions, and optimally use water, gas, and other resources. Enormous opportunities for creating an experiential design and improving quality of life.

Smart Network

Smart Network

By 2020 smart cities will switch from conventional street lamps to LEDs that will have some of the connectivity to monitor the lamp and meter the power. This could be another opportunity to provide citywide WAN to monitor cityscape.

Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation

As part of city planning lamp posts will be capitalized to handle traffic congestion, enforce safe driving conditions, and ensure security. With IOT and Augmented Reality technologies, City CIOs can holistically optimize city operations.