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AI - A Digital Nerve Center

AI is Not Just A Technology.

It’s the Digital Nerve Center.


Artificial Intelligence stands out as the next biggest transformation in the digital age even surpassing the impact we have witnessed with Internet. Internet has opened whole new economy — Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, Alibaba, Salesforce, Workday are true beneficiaries of internet. At Virtuos Exonomy, we are at the helm of harnessing AI and democratizing the AI for our customers by assembling the best of techniques.
The World of Tomorrow with AI
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    CX, EX and XX with Digital

    Marketing Analytics, Algorithms, and AI Will Become Integral — and Integrated — Functionality for Most CRM, CX, HCM and DPA Implementations that Virtuos Consultare will be implementing. AI Technologies include IBM Watson, Google and Salesforce Einstein amongst other key players.

    CX.Digital     EX.Digital     XX.Digital

  • ABC of Exonomy

    ABC of Exonomy

    AIcelerate - The AI foundation to accelerate business through Experience Cloud and Crowd technologies. Business 4.0 As A Strategy is the 2020 vision to transform customers to be the Virtuoso heroes. CustomerWide - The customer led, insights-driven, fast and connected model.

    Business 4.0 Strategy

  • AI Powered Products

    AI Powered Products

    Virtuos Exonomy has been investing in new AI powered products such as Aury — the Chatbot and infusing AI across the products through our Open AI Architecture solutions from partners. AIccent is a step forward to make "AI" an integral part of every implementation we do for CRM, CLM, and other CX Services.

  • AI in Customer Self-Service

    AI in Customer Self-Service

    AI powered self-service solutions enable your customers to proactively find the information they're looking for without needing to contact your customer support agents. By drawing on your existing knowledge base, our patented natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) Rainbow CX technologies dialogue with your customers and guide them towards a successful resolution.

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Virtuos has an ambitious Project code named as "AIccent" to help customers to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) when implementing CRM, HCM, and ERP from Oracle, Creatio, Verint, Microsoft amongst others.

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Virtuos Exonomy has invested in Sweven which is focussing on Salesforce CRM Mastermind practice with differentiated services across industry verticals. Sweven will be building several industry specific product portfolios on the Salesforce platform.

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Aury® is our first AI rich conversational platform with patented natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies dialogue. Aury® is in production and ready for delivering next edge AI Self Service..

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We are crowdsourcing ideas to build GenNext AI applications, and also seeking active participation from Gen-Z and Millennials to enable the future generation with Augmented AI Projects code named as AIccelerate.
  • Humans and Algorithm-based Automation

    Human-in-the-Loop Crowdsourcing

    It is the complementary use of humans and algorithm-based automation to solve a problem or perform a task, where the human input further improves the automated AI or data management solution.

  • VYO Logo V (We), Y (You), O (Opportunity)

    Three-year-olds know to ask Alexa and other VPAs to play songs, and older students request for assistance with schoolwork. It's as natural to go with Digital Twin in the future as we have more important things to do in life.

  • Aury ChatBots

    Aury ChatBots

    Aury is coming soon with microservices that can operate on other bots, apps or services in response to event triggers or user requests. They may invoke other services or applications, often emulating a user or app, or use an API to achieve the same effect.

GenNext AI Applications
Virtuos Skills and Strengths


We are hiring data scientists and building our capabilities in harnessing AI, Machine Learning, and Deep learning techniques. Our strengths include Mapping AI techniques to problem types; collating and analyzing hundreds of use cases across 20 industries and various business functions, and sizing the potential of AI drawing insights from use cases.

Artificial Intelligence - (55%)
Machine Learning - (50%)
Deep Learning - (50%)
AI in Experience Applications - (75%)
Voice of Customer


Let’s know how we can partner with you to bring new products, services and ecosystems to business and society changing the world around us.

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