The Digital Century Business
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Business 3.0/4.0 Operations
Business 4.0


The Digital Century thrives in the third era of Enterprise IT — the first era belonged to IT craftsmanship, second era embraced gigantic IT Industrialization, and finally Business 3.0/4.0 wakes up to digitalization. At Virtuos, we transform your operations with the Flower of Service which consists of core service and a range of supplementary (Optional) services.

Digital Century Core

We connect the dots by building an Experience core enabled by technologies and transformed continuously in layers through Systems of Insight and Systems of Engagement.


Information ~ Harvesting

Create information taxonomy and keep harvesting on customer acquisition using predictive chat, personalization and search syndication technologies that drive business outcomes.


Order taking ~ Fulfilment

With outside-in design in mind, we digitize micro-moments across the customer lifecycle with innovative service portfolio and customer-facing cloud and digital technologies and O.Digital


Delivery ~ Billing/Payment

Business process and Customer management technologies — AI powered chatbot like AURY®, conversational platforms, and advanced APIs offer exhilarating experiences at every touch point.


Engagement ~ Satisfaction

At every moment of truth, our CXDesk teams engage with end customers enhancing ownership experience through digitally designed business moments and API integrations.


Efficiency ~ Advocacy

We capture customer effort scores (CES), audit experiences and manage or support Voice of Customer Analytics (VOCA) across all ecosystems improving efficiency, advocacy, and loyalty.

21st Century Business

More Modern Services at O.Digital

What defines 21st Century Corporation

Customer is at the heart of DESK

Our unified DESK — Dexterity, Expertise, Skills and Knowledge foundation for Customer Experience Continuum operationalizes and updates CX Technologies relentlessly. It’s a perfect example of teamsport with blended and well coordinated efforts from Engineering, Customer Service, Consulting, Marketing and Operations.

Digitally Dextrous Workforce


Expertise and Experience


Skills and Knowledge


Hours of CXDesk delivered

CXDesk is different

We support CX Applications, Technologies & Integrations in bimodal IT environment delivering superior user experience and higher adoption levels. We use most modern Software Admin, Audit, QA and Project management tools to offer professional, timely and qualitative CX Continuum services. We also support new opportunities driven by mobile, IOT, social, machine learning, AR and VR and work with organizations in revamping their strategies, technologies and architecture.
Engineering Architecture - (20%)
Application Support - (100%)
CX Strategy & Design - (80%)
CRM User Training - (60%)


Customer Experience Desk is neither a technical support nor a traditional managed support which every other vendor seem to be offering to customers.

Tech Support

CXDesk Technical Support
  • Reactive
  • Internal Users
  • PC-Software-Network
  • Support Software
  • User management
  • Download Applications
  • Download reports or data
  • Inside-Out approach

Managed Support

CXDesk Managed Support
  • Proactive
  • Internal Users
  • PC-Software-Network-Middleware
  • Manage Software
  • Admin management
  • Install Applications
  • Optimize reports or data
  • Inside-Out process


CXDesk Emblem
  • Prescriptive/Predictive
  • Internal & External Users
  • Applications-API-Architecture
  • Engineer and Manage Software
  • Admin and Workflows management
  • Implement Applications
  • Design reports and Analyze data
  • Outside-In design

Talentare means Talent Acquisition, Retention and Efficiency

According to a recent State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work resulting in almost US$7 trillion productivity loss. Our Customer Experience Strategy and Design is incomplete if we don’t include Talent Acquisition, Retention and Efficiency in our service portfolio.
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    Talentare uses art and science in screening the best talent and hiring them for meeting your specific needs

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    We have stringent and highest quality checks, and diligence audits before we recommend an employee

  • 3

    We have highest standards of Digital Dexterity framework to assess, qualify and interview any ideal candidate

Acquisition, Retention And Efficiency

Some of CXDESK Customers

  • Make My Trip - Virtuos Client
  • Yatra - Virtuos Client
  • Flipkart - Virtuos Client
  • Myntra - Virtuos Client
  • Thomascook - Virtus Client
  • TVS Credit - Virtuos Client
  • Standard Chartered - Virtuos Client
  • BARC - Virtuos Client