How Do Sales And Customer Service Automation Help Business Growth?


The secret to business growth is knowing the tricks to increase productivity without investing excessive time and effort. Every entrepreneur here will love to know the easy ways of managing sales, marketing, and customer service simultaneously. Usually, people have to spend a lot of time on these vital aspects of a business. 

Office administrators and small business owners can use a low code no-code platform to develop CRM apps. People with minimum knowledge of coding can develop apps with low code or no-code platforms. These platforms enable non-IT professionals to create apps and manage administrative tasks easier. It becomes quicker to automate and optimize the work management process with CRM. 

What Is CRM In Sales Automation? 

But do you know that the right CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) can easily trigger any company’s sales automation? The right CRM can save time and increase a company’s productivity. It is a highly functional system that collects a business’ sales data and its customers’ information in a place. The CRM helps manage the business seamlessly by monitoring every transaction and deal.  

What Is Sales Automation? 

A sales automation is a low code platform that uses software to eliminate some regular manual tasks. With an automation tool, the tasks get automated, which means they do not need any human to perform them. The most essential repetitive tasks that an automation tool can perform include- 

  • Sending payment reminders  
  • Sending follow-up mails 
  • Keeping customer information 
  • Creating email templates 
  • Making sales report 
  • Creating an automated selling system 
  • Sending marketing emails 
  • Manage sales pipeline  

Advantages Of Sales Automation- 

  1. A sales automation tool can manage all of the above tasks mostly without any manual intervention. That increases business productivity and reduces the chances of human errors.  
  2. As a business grows it becomes impossible to keep track of all sales, marketing, and customer care service-related data. A business owner needs to follow up on pending payments, call the leads, and many other things. Without a management system, it is really hard to streamline business operations. That is why they need a CRM along with sales automation tools.  
  3. A CRM manages all data in one place, from there the entire team can access the information in their mobile app. It keeps track of the customer’s budget, preferences, and purchase patterns.  
  4. With sales automation, the CRM can timely schedule the marketing emails to the clients. A personalised package for the client not only increases sales but also builds loyal relationships with the consumers.  

What Is Customer Service Automation?  

Like sales automation, customer service automation is a powerful tool that reduces human labour. It is an automated customer support process that answers customer inquiries. Without any human involvement, the automation system can perform certain tasks. Here are a few examples of automated customer services- 

  • Automated emails to consumers 
  • Chatbots 
  • Frequently asked questions 
  • Interactive voice responses 
  • Self-service help centers 

Many companies are switching to Creatio customer service automation from traditional customer care executives. The companies hire executives who assist the consumers over phone calls, emails or messages. But with growing business companies need more customer care executives. 

 Recruiting more staff is becoming expensive for businesses. Thus, companies are switching to automation services.  

Advantages Of Customer Service Automation

  1. Traditional customer care service with staff is way more expensive than automated customer service. The cost reduction is a huge advantage from the point of view of a business owner. 
  2. The customer care staff need proper training on how to communicate with the customers. The staff also learn to solve their problems in a short call time. With automation service, no such training is necessary. It saves a lot of valuable time for the company. 
  3. The efficiency levels rise up and customers get a quick solution to their problems. Satisfied and happy customers often give a good review of the company’s services. 
  4. Automated customer service provides 24/7 support to the customers. They find it much more convenient and easier to avail the customer care service.  
  5. A centralized system keeps records of all information related to the customers. It helps in better marketing, sales, and customer relationship building.  
  6. After every interaction with a customer, the automation system keeps records of all information received about them. This helps in the customer survey. Any business needs to improve itself by incorporating changes that customers require.  


The latest technologies like Creatio sales automation tools proliferate business productivity and efficiency. It successfully saves so much valuable time that people can use on other vital things in a business.  

Creatio automation tools’ features like sales management on the field, sales planning, and customer service management are exceedingly beneficial. It becomes easier to process new orders with featured templates. So, it is high time when every business should start using sales automation tools for managing administrative work. 

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