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  • Clean Code

    VYO development is ground breaking, and leverages most advanced technologies, and languages to bring agility.

  • Pace Layered

    VYO development as the Digital Consumer Marketing Hub applies PLUS Methodology and Framework.

  • Design Edge

    VYO Cloudcomputing services offer intuitive UX/UI design, and more than 100 man years of creativity.

  • Portfolio Product

    VYO offers blended functionality to offer computing, and Software As A Service (SaaS) and Community Platforms.

  • Unique Brand

    VYO stands for V and YO, where V means “We” and YO means “Hello” or expression to reflect joy and accomplishment.

  • Easy to Remember

    VYO is easy to pronounce and easy to remember three letter domain purchased as Brand from a leading Brand Advisory Firm.


VYO bridges the generational gap by applying science

In today’s world three generations of people work, live, and mingle in harmony with different tastes and choices. For Baby boomers (Born before 1962) the X and Y Generation seem to be impractical, and very ambitious without doing hardwork and education. Both X and Y Generation (Born after 1963 and before 1997), baby boomers seem unconventional, and less adaptable to changes. The emerging Z generation (also known as Gig Generation) begins to shake up things in whole new way. VYO is your first Lifestyle Consumer Platform to bridge generational gap.


VYO is world’s first Consumer directed Modern Digital Marketing Hub acting as your "Digital Twin" understanding your persona, behavioural patterns, and digital body language to market your services, and skills and also manage your life far better applying Artificial Intelligence. It readily connects to digital ecosystems seamlessly to bring aggrandised living pleasures for you.

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Who We Are

VYO is a division of Virtuos – an important portfolio of business in the cloud computing space offering World’s first Consumer centric Digital Marketing Hub connecting devices, IOT, and harnessing Artificial Intelligence to deliver superior human experience. VYO is your new digital twin – as an App, and as an embedded system on your Computer, TV or Network. This will help you augment your skills, and take informed decisions while also making life lot more easier than today.

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From the Blog

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  • VYO bridges generational gap by tuning your Digital Body Language.

Latest News

  • 5 Sep 2012
  • MakeMyTrip uses Virtuos and VYO Software As A Service

    Makemytrip, a leading travel company uses Virtuos provided VYO and Oracle RightNow Software As a Service Platforms and Solutions.

  • 30 Nov 2010
  • VYO is born

    VYO as Domain bought from leading brokers for undisclosed amounts. VYO will become a brand dealing in Software As A Service, and Community Based Digital Marketing Platform.

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About Virtuos

Virtuos is in the business of creating success story by redefining how experiences can be transformed across brand, digital and commerce. As an Experience Consultancy, Virtuos offers broad range of services, platforms and ecosystems around CX, Digital Workplace and Digital Marketing.

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