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  • Workforce Optimization

    Includes - Recording, Quality Management, Enterprise Workforce Management, Performance Management, eLearning, Gamification, Desktop Analytics and Robotic Process Automation.

  • Speech Analytics

    Enhance contact center performance, discover customer insights into satisfaction, business issues, competitive intelligence, reduce churn, improve quality monitoring and provide targeted coaching to agents by analyzing their relative performance.

  • Omnichannel Engagement

    Employee Desktop, Case Management, Email Management, Knowledge Management, Live Chat, Co-Browse, Social Engagement, Self-service and Communities.

  • Actionable Intelligence

    Capture large amounts of information from numerous data types and sources, use analytics to glean insights from the information, and leverage the resulting Actionable Intelligence to help optimize customer engagement, enhance security, and mitigate risk.

  • Customer Engagement

    Available On-premise as well as on cloud. Knowledge management, self-service, agent desktop, case management and omnichannel support help enhance customer engagement.

CX Transformation using Verint Ecosystem

CX Transformation using Verint CX Ecosystems

Virtuos has implemented many solutions on the KANA Customer Engagement Suite provided by Verint. Companies like Sutherland Global, Standard Chartered Bank and have all improved their CX using Verint solutions implemented by Virtuos.

Virtuos has integrated its flagship CX Transformation Program - CXNow with various technologies like those of Verint, where Verint provides key features like Speech Analytics and Digital Feedbacks under the CustomerVoice program run by Virtuos for capturing Voice of the Customer (VoC).

Workforce optimization, Robotic process automation, Digital First Engagement Management and state-of-the-art analytics platforms provide technology backbone to CXNow.

Our Service Offerings

  • Digital First Engagement Management solutions including case management, knowledge management, Live Chat, Co-Browsing, Web Self-Service and Social Engagement
  • Intelligent Call Recording, Speech Processing and Analytics (including topic clustering) and Enterprise Feedback Management for Voice of the Customer solutions and Employee Quality Monitoring
  • Desktop Analytics solutions for providing visibility into how employees use different systems, applications, and processes and the time spent in applications to perform their work
  • Robotic process automation solutions for completely replacing the need for manual processing of specific tasks or entire multistep processes within a functional area, automating them and operating around the clock to help employees complete tasks faster and more accurately by providing guidance and automation wizards
Verint CX Ecosystem

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